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a grotesque black doll


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Black Theatre Workshop Discovery Series Presentation of Gollywog by Bonnie Farmer.
YOU seem so blind to what is plain for me and others to see - a gollywog in its name alone has a racial slur.
But I can assure them that I and many others who like to lead 'politically incorrect' lives (in their view) will put up a better fight than that yellow-bellied gollywog on the side of the Robertson's jam jar
She claimed the word gollywog was extremely offensive and enclosed a cheque for pounds 50 to pay for replacement costumes.
30 (440m): Golden Gollywog (scr), Morning Glory (1), Whirlwind Wilson (2), Blue Dream (3), Oscar Baby (6), Blue Maria (7).
And now they're complaining about gollywog dolls again, too.
45 (260m): Soft Soul (Scr), Porter (1), Golden Gollywog (1), No Saint (3), Tony's Trip (4), Caravan Ann (5).
Being a Villa supporter, and with a sense of fair play, I find I have to leap to the defence of the Birmingham supporter by pointing out that the item the gollywog is holding is not, as you incitingly describe, a switchblade, but a rather decrepit open razor.
A MIDLAND artist is ignoring the threat of prosecution by creating an Asian GOLLYWOG - with the blessing of Muslims.
The gollywogs, rightly or wrongly, have been thrown out of Toytown in the current editions.
Gollywogs were a part of my childhood, I used to collect the various images off the Robertson jam jars - that didn't make me a racist
They abolished gollywogs and replaced them with gnomes.
All this political correctness - what about gollywogs which have completely disappeared and the fact that we now have a Mother Christmas at Telford by order of the council?