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a grotesque black doll


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Black Theatre Workshop Discovery Series Presentation of Gollywog by Bonnie Farmer.
Black Theatre Workshop Presents its Annual Discovery Series staged reading of Gollywog by Bonnie Farmer.
YOU seem so blind to what is plain for me and others to see - a gollywog in its name alone has a racial slur.
She claimed the word gollywog was extremely offensive and enclosed a cheque for pounds 50 to pay for replacement costumes.
30 (440m): Golden Gollywog (scr), Morning Glory (1), Whirlwind Wilson (2), Blue Dream (3), Oscar Baby (6), Blue Maria (7).
And now they're complaining about gollywog dolls again, too.
45 (260m): Soft Soul (Scr), Porter (1), Golden Gollywog (1), No Saint (3), Tony's Trip (4), Caravan Ann (5).
Being a Villa supporter, and with a sense of fair play, I find I have to leap to the defence of the Birmingham supporter by pointing out that the item the gollywog is holding is not, as you incitingly describe, a switchblade, but a rather decrepit open razor.
A MIDLAND artist is ignoring the threat of prosecution by creating an Asian GOLLYWOG - with the blessing of Muslims.
The gollywogs, rightly or wrongly, have been thrown out of Toytown in the current editions.
Gollywogs were a part of my childhood, I used to collect the various images off the Robertson jam jars - that didn't make me a racist
They abolished gollywogs and replaced them with gnomes.
All this political correctness - what about gollywogs which have completely disappeared and the fact that we now have a Mother Christmas at Telford by order of the council?