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a netlike structure in the cytoplasm of animal cells (especially in those cells that produce secretions)

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In the ventral canal cell, vesicles and Golgi bodies increase, whilst mucilaginous materials accumulate around this cell (Fig.
3B), OA chondrocytes displayed several vacuoles in the cytoplasm and a reduced number of mitochondria and Golgi bodies (Table I).
Compared with healthy larvae, the mutants' intestinal cells had grossly enlarged Golgi bodies, cell structures that process lipids and proteins.
In this study, the effectiveness of extremely low intensities and frequencies of electromagnetic fields was clearly demonstrated by the restoration of sub-cellular structures (myelin sheath, mitochondria, golgi bodies, microtubules and neurofilaments) in mice with motor neuropathy and significant grip strength recovery was sustained up to the 27th week of observation; the duration of the study.
2B), which contains vesicles, mitochondria and Golgi bodies (Fig.
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