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a small hard ball used in playing golf

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section 5) and because atransitivity can befall verbs like hit (* hit a golfball off), whose otherwise obligatory transitivity suggests that the action cannot be conceptualized without the object.
Ice the size of a golfball also had built up on our static drains.
I crushed my treasured pages into a golfball and furiously drilled it into the wastebasket.
At the southern point of this bay, you need your shoes to explore a long stretch of purplish gray limestone; you'll find similarly grayed corals from golfball to boulder size.
The sport was golfball and Cleverly took the chance to wind up close pal Darcy Blake.
I'm going to harvest them in a month or so when they are golfball size.
My hearty Crimbo dinner had left me plumper than usual, which meant that sitting on the stool made me feel as if I was a golfball teetering on a tee.
The 75-watt bulb will go later this year, the 60-watt light next year while the 40-watt candle and golfball lamps will be removed from sale by the end of 2011.
Radishes will reach golfball size and not be pithy or strong.
Nitelite Sports specializes in inventing and manufacturing unique sports products which include the original Nitelite Golfball, Football, Wiffleball, Automatic Curveballs, Sliders and many other exciting fun products.
The biggest one recorded was the size of a golfball.
It should be a white Marcella shirt - the ones with the bib that looks like the surface of a golfball - and often a white waistcoat-front, again in Marcella.
Thugs threw a golfball through the window of Wicklow man Paul Byrne's home, just missing him.
She even bought the folks some special soap called Golfball Bright.
Goofball Bill Murray claims to be a 10-handicap golfball hitter.