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Synonyms for tee

the starting place for each hole on a golf course

support holding a football on end and above the ground preparatory to the kickoff


Related Words

a short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground


place on a tee

connect with a tee

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Patent 9,216,337 (December 22, 2015), "Overmolded Golf Tee and Method of Making It," Francis Carroll and James Carroll, Jr.
Pride is the largest manufacturer of golf tees in the US, producing over 300m wooden tees annually out of its sawmill in Maine.
Elsewhere Finley's obsessive activities lead him to create visual non sequiturs, as in Up Country, 2004, a sculpture in which a plush toy SpongeBob SquarePants is impaled by intricately carved golf tees on a grid of pages from a potboiler novel in which every word has been circled.
Other current applications include garbage bags and injection molded flower pots and golf tees.
Locate the stripped screw holes and repair with golf tees as shown in Photos 1 and 2.
Each item seemed to top the next: a box of Nigger Head golf tees (from the 1920s), a produce label from a crate of "Coon, Apricots" (1940s), an ashtray that depicts a black Mammy wailing in pain as her breast is caught in the gears of an old-style wringer washing machine (1953), a can of Nigger Hair smoking tobacco (1910), and a seemingly endless collection of spoons and other household items portraying impish black people--especially babies (known as pickaninnies and golliwogs)--being chased and eaten by alligators.
They've sold Biopol to be fashioned into golf tees, disposable razors, shampoo bottles, plastic cups, and credit cards in the United States, Europe, and Japan.
Push the thumbtacks into the front of the potato for eyes and the golf tees into the bottom for the legs.
The skill of golf will be combined with the wagering savvy of Texas Hold 'Em poker as The World Series of Golf tees off in Las Vegas May 13 - 17.
All-plastic Laserline golf tees, made of Bayer's Makrolon polycarbonate resin, are said to allow golfers to achieve better ball contact, trajectory, and stroke rate.
The 2nd Annual Festival Week of Golf tees off on Sunday, September 12, at Purley Chase Golf Course, in Ridge Lane, near Nuneaton.
This used to be Neiman Marcus' exclusive domain - the Christmas catalog containing outrageous (and outrageously expensive) gifts like boats, unique jewelry, solid gold golf tees and gold dog houses with chandeliers.
One of the starch-based polymers from Novon Products recently found a place in injection molded golf tees from Terra Form Inc.