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Hi-Tec has recently signed new deals with two of the world's top players, Padraig Harrington and Ian Woosnam, so what better opportunity to get your feet into the golf shoes worn by the pros.
Tags golf shoes are sold in more than 800 country clubs, resorts and upscale retail stores around the world.
We've teamed up with Hi-Tec Golf to kit out 10 readers in top-of-the-range golf shoes as worn by some of the best players, including Padraig Harrington and Ian Woosnam.
For more information on Hi-Tec's golf shoe range call 01702 541771 or visit www.
We've already gotten a tremendous reaction from golfers who want to display their company or school logo on our golf shoes," said Chris Roussel, president of Signature Golfwear LLC.
Feeling good is key to my game, and no one makes more comfortable golf shoes than ECCO," says Couples.
In addition to NancyLopezGolf premium clubs and equipment for women, the company also offers the Square Two line of women's clubs, which carry the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) logo, along with Lady Fairway golf shoes, gloves and apparel.
In CGW041, Florsheim Group (Nasdaq: FLSC) Signs Licensing Agreement With Country Club Sports To Increase Market Share of Florsheim Golf Shoes for Men, moved yesterday, Dec.
For a chance to win a pair of these golf shoes answer the following question: Which nationality is Padraig Harrington?
Square Two Golf is a brand of Women's Golf Unlimited, whose other brands are NancyLopezGolf, a maker of premium golf clubs for women, and Lady Fairway, which markets golf shoes for women.
THE Mirror has teamed up with Hi-Tec Golf - the Instantly Comfortable Lightweight Golf Shoe Company - to give 15 lucky readers the chance to win a pair of top-of-the-range golf shoes.
The company offers the Square Two line of women's clubs, which carry the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) logo, as well as NancyLopezGolf premium clubs, Lady Fairway golf shoes, and a variety of bags, balls, gloves, apparel and accessories.
Arnold Palmer Footwear represents two divisions, (1) a men's line of dress, casual and sport shoes, and (2) a line of traditional and athletic golf shoes.
By supporting all three arches of the feet, Foot Levelers' ParFlex Plus turns ordinary golf shoes into extraordinary golf shoes.