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Fluker plays at least twice per week at Evergreen and Rackham golf courses with Malone when he's home from college in Chicago.
You know as well as I do the talent and abilities he has with golf courses.
Customers include not only golf courses but also athletic fields and professional lawn care companies that maintain landscapes around apartments, office complexes, government buildings, cemeteries and private homes.
Due to the growing number of retirees, interest in corporate golf, and the game's appeal to a broad age range, demand for golf courses is greater than ever.
The movement has huge implications: There are currently more than 14,750 golf courses in the U.
At least two-thirds of the approximately 75 golf courses in town were constructed within the 15 years, which is when the cooling trend began, he says.
Located on 2,079 acres just five miles from the Redmond Airport and 25 minutes from downtown Bend, Remington Ranch features nearly 800 home sites, 400 overnight rooms and three of the world's finest golf courses.
April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --For years golfers have been able to search for golf courses on the Internet by parameters such as rates, location, architect or rankings.
PALMDALE - Back when the Antelope Valley was populated mostly by ranchers and by families of those who worked at newly opened aircraft plants or in their own small businesses, 300 people put up $500 each to invest in a golf course.
LMRES' Real Estate and Sports Consulting Services Group is a leading advisor nationally on the evaluation, feasibility and financing of major and minor league sports facilities, golf courses, entertainment-based developments and mixed-use communities.
Controversy swept the country and many "all white" golf courses began feeling the pressure to integrate their facilities.
Totaling over 5,000 acres, the Otsego ski and golf resort is home to the Midwest's only full-service private ski facility and 36 holes of championship golf, including The Tribute Golf Course, which Sports Illustrated named one of the world's top 10 new golf courses in 2001.
A consultant hired in the 1980s concluded that the county needed to build eight public golf courses to meet demand, Oshita said.
Plans feature the redesign of both the Resort's signature golf courses that host the annual PGA TOUR EDS Byron Nelson Championship, development of 40 new guest villas and 40 Four Seasons luxury residential condominiums and a comprehensive guestroom, lobby, sports club, restaurant and facility enhancement and expansion program throughout the entire Resort.
The city already has a permit to use recycled water from the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant to irrigate fields and golf courses, but requires that it be treated to meet drinking water standards, officials said.
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