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a small hard ball used in playing golf

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That injunction prompted Acushnet to initiate a nationwide recall of infringing golf balls through a "retail exchange program" on December 29, 2008.
com are an exclusive online store for golf balls and many other golf accessories.
Stark's back yard was free of golf balls when she and her son played outside Monday, she said, but Tuesday was a different story.
NYSE: FO), announced that it will move forward with the appeals process following denial of its request for a stay of an injunction regarding certain Titleist Pro V1 golf balls.
Roland Colonna, the VP of Marketing for The Golf Tee Store states, "I'm sure my fellow golfers can always use a few more free golf balls and tees if not for themselves surely for their family, friends or business associates.
The white, dimpled golf balls have caused a good deal of controversy between the course and its neighbors.
In its ruling today, the Court also rejected Acushnet's request to overturn the jury's December 2007 verdict which found that Callaway Golf's golf ball patents were valid and infringed by Acushnet's Titleist Pro V1 family of golf balls.
Our goal is to offer the best performing golf ball at every price point and we feel we have achieved that with these new golf balls and the rest of our 2012 offerings.
DeGracia and her husband, Bob, have filed three claims since February: for a cracked front windshield on a 1980 Datsun 310, a leak in their rented house's roof they said was caused by a golf ball and a broken driver's side window on their Datsun 240Z.
Smooth Surface Caesar Golf Ball Delivers Straight Drives, Accurate Approach Shots, Precision Putts
Under the Radar Golf agreement, golf balls manufactured by Fantom can be sold worldwide using the brand name of any golf-industry or sports-equipment supplier that purchases a license from Radar Golf.
Over at the new 76-unit, luxury-townhouse, gated-community development right off the 17th fairway at VCC, salesfolk were giving out free Pinnicle golf balls to anyone who'd meander from the PGA Tour action to tour the model home.
The high quality golf balls used at the Centers incorporate proprietary I.
We have listened to feedback from professional and amateur golfers alike and we have incorporated much of that research into creating a broad family of golf balls that truly perform, and that make the game more enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.
But if you do your shopping at a big discount store - where golf balls are often stacked like tomes in a university library - you probably won't be too surprised to find out that the United States Golf Association includes close to 1,900 balls on its ``conforming'' list.