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a small hard ball used in playing golf

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com/kirkland-vs-titleist-pro-v1/) review by My Golf Spy , a so-called Consumer Reports for golf equipment, found the Kirkland ball in most areas of performance held its own or surpassed the Titleist Pro V1, which is the gold standard for golf balls.
The guy who borrows a bunch of golf balls from the players around him, or spends what feels like hours searching in bushes and water hazards only to find a mud stained, half chewed, driving range ball that should have stayed lost.
Golf ball divers are professional recyclers: They retrieve golf balls, which are then cleaned, repackaged, and resold.
If we think of the golf balls as being the most important thing in our life - God; the pebbles as second in importance - our fellow humans; and the sand as the other things in our life, it's easy to see that if we give priority to the least important things in our life, we don't have enough space left for God.
Rothchild said his divers, who work as independent contractors, uncover about million golf balls a year.
AIT has been turning out mainly golf clubs and heads and about four years ago decided to diversify into golf balls, hence its setting up in 2006 a new plant nearby its headquarters in Tashu, Kaohsiung County, next to Pingtung.
The scientists found that golf balls release a high quantity of heavy metals during decomposition, including dangerous levels of zinc found in solid core golf balls, the paper said.
The latest happened on Friday, known as Mischief Night, when two golf balls smashed the window of a house on Atwater Close.
The first correct answer will win a box of three Callaway HX Tour golf balls.
When a golf ball hits an obstacle, it exerts a force on the obstacle.
patents shows that he authored or coauthored (at least) 98 regarding golf balls (which must be a record number of golf-ball for one person).
The coefficient of restitution (COR), an indirect measure of the potential distance a golf ball can be driven, was measured for six golf balls in order to determine whether there is a direct relationship between the cost of a golf ball and the ball's quality.
I counted six golf balls on the field,'' Mordecai said.
Dimples on spinning golf balls reduce air resistance and increase lift by creating turbulence in the air flowing past the balls.
95 gift set includes three Saint Anthony golf balls, a brass ball marker, and a divot repair tool--all featuring a color image of the saint.