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(Jewish folklore) an artificially created human being that is given life by supernatural means

a mechanism that can move automatically

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At first, you can only build small doll-sized golems to send around your room.
Golems were mostly male, though the occasional appearance of she-golems casts an intriguing light on gender roles of the time.
com)-- Silly Kid Games, LLC has launched a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to promote and fund the release of its new action anime-inspired Golem Academy card game.
Attending to the ways in which the golem is being revived in a substantial body of cultural production over the past few decades, Elizabeth R.
The title characters of The Golem and the Jinni are not the book's only magic.
The Golem Returns: From German Romantic Literature to Global Jewish Culture, 1808-2008.
Del ghetto, solo se respetaron las sinagogas antiguas, el ayuntamiento, cuyo reloj marca la hora con letras hebreas, y el viejo cementerio donde aun se conserva la tumba del Rabino Judah Loew, creador del Golem.
Rather, he draws over two thousand pages of the adventures of"The Escapist," an action hero based on the golem.
Even the most perfect of Golem, risen to life to protect us, can easily change into a destructive force.
While multiple rabbis were credited with having created golems, they were always made for secular purposes, typically to demonstrate mastery of ancient mystical texts.
Dee, and golems have destroyed his bookstore to steal the magic-filled Codex.
A cartoon in three-dimensional form, Paris-based Chinese expatriate Wang Du's recent exhibition at Vancouver Art Gallery took the form of a misshapen array of bellicose and lascivious golems cultivated from Chinese military propaganda, Internet porn, and the Western print media.
Scholem told the story humorously, making many witty comparisons between the clay golem of Prague and the new golems of transistors and wires.
The city quickly becomes a vision of urban utopia only to be destroyed in vengeance by Xanthippe, as all golems do.