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an artisan who makes jewelry and other objects out of gold

Irish writer of novels and poetry and plays and essays (1728-1774)

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The marquise remained silent for a few moments, and then said calmly, "Let my goldsmith be sent for.
The goldsmith, as he entered, found her thus occupied.
The heifer was brought in from the plain, and Telemachus's crew came from the ship; the goldsmith brought the anvil, hammer, and tongs, with which he worked his gold, and Minerva herself came to accept the sacrifice.
The goldsmith was in his workshop making a gold chain, when he heard the song of the bird on his roof.
The bird flew down and took the gold chain in his right claw, and then he alighted again in front of the goldsmith and sang:
I do not think I yet felt the beauty of the literature which made them all live in my fancy, that I conceived of Goldsmith as an artist using for my rapture the finest of the arts; and yet I had been taught to see the loveliness of poetry, and was already trying to make it on my own poor account.
Kindness and gentleness are never out of fashion; it is these in Goldsmith which make him our contemporary, and it is worth the while of any young person presently intending deathless renown to take a little thought of them.
It was the first time I had imitated a prose writer, though I had imitated several poets like Moore, Campbell, and Goldsmith himself.
He was born in 1591 and was the son of an old, well-to-do family, his father being a London goldsmith.
I had saved above #100 more, but I met with a disaster with that, which was this--that a goldsmith in whose hands I had trusted it, broke, so I lost #70 of my money, the man's composition not making above #30 out of his #100.
They took De Foe to their bosoms, instead of Euclid, and seemed to be on the whole more comforted by Goldsmith than by Cocker.
THESE photos show the new-look Northern Goldsmiths in all its glory after it re-opened following a PS1m restoration.
FONDLY-RECALLED jewellery store Northern Goldsmiths has sat proudly on the corner of Pilgrim Street and Blackett Street since way back in 1892.
The Goldsmiths are related to the mega-rich Rothschild finance dynasty.
The collaborative work of Rodney and Janice Dietert, "The Edinburgh Goldsmiths I: Training, Marks, Output And Demographics" is a definitive survey of almost five hundred years of the goldsmithing in Edinburgh, Scotland from the 1500s down to the present day and includes both apprentices as well as the freemen goldsmiths themselves.