Physalis peruviana

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annual of tropical South America having edible purple fruits

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Our clients are timed-starved," Malcolm Beck said about the scrub-mask, which is formulated with ingredients like kaolin clay, vitamin E, aloe, goldenberry and red seaweed.
Fortified naturally with raw camu camu, cacao and goldenberry powder, these new organic superfood blends are a unique new functional food version of coconut water.
Navitas Naturals is offering a new Chocolate Coconut Water Powder, and Goldenberry Coconut Water Powder, which both provide the hydration benefits of coconut water, but are also fortified with Navitas superfoods that provide a big boost of nutrition and flavor.
Also known as the Goldenberry or Cape Gooseberry, the sweetened dried fruit has three times more fiber than a similar serving of prunes, and also the highest level of dietary fiber per 100 grams compared to other dried fruits, including apricots, figs and raisins.
The actual crops covered include achira, ahipa, arracacha, maca, mashua, mauka, oca, potatoes, ulloco, yacon, kaniwa, kiwicha, quinoa, basul, nunas (popping beans), tarwi, peppers, squashes and their relatives, berries, capuli cherry, chertimoya, goldenberry (Cape gooseberry), Highland papyas, naranjilla (Lulo), pacay (ice cream beans), passion-fruits, pepino, tamarillo (tree tomato), Quito palm and walnuts.
Tom Bombadill is perhaps the purest incarnation of such goodness, whom Goldenberry describes as simply being, i.
Ramadan MF and JT Moersel Impact of enzymatic treatment on chemical composition, physicochemical properties and radical scavenging activity of goldenberry (Physalis peruviana L.