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a command based on Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount

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And here's a golden rule - if you see T+T, cup your man boobs and run swiftly in the other direction.
Having the five golden rules really helps the run ning of the school.
Golden rule number one: Football fans can be very vicious.
Probably the best research on this topic is a white paper called "The Five Golden Rules of Online Branding," whose three authors analyzed more than 600 banner ads across 11 industries to find common components that make some ads rise above the noise level.
The actual management of the wind has two golden rules.
Ten Golden Rules helps companies develop Internet marketing and affiliate programs that will maximize website traffic, and convert that traffic to sales.
Erica Golden, traveller and editor of the Golden Rules of Travel website, wrote that one of the golden rules of air travel is that a person should never grab and push off seats as they walk down the aisle of the plane.
Any time we forget, we will catch ourselves (at halftime or at time-out) and realize that we have to go back to our golden rules.
The Company will work closely with Jay Berkowitz, founder and CEO of Ten Golden Rules, to focus on increasing traffic on NationalCreditReport.
London, Dec 28 ( ANI ): Experts have jotted down five golden rules for a healthy lifestyle which according to them are a key to staying healthy and fit during old age.
A special World Energy Outlook report on unconventional gas, Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas, released in London by the International Energy Agency (IEA), presents a set of "Golden Rules" to meet concerns about natural gas resources exploitation.
Thus I leave you with the golden rules, which my children are reminded of every day at school and which we have adopted at home, in the hope that you will publish them and your readers will apply them always and share them with their families and friends to make our country a better place.
Seventy-two jewellery retailers in Britain and elsewhere have signed up to the Golden Rules, a set of social, human rights, and environmental criteria for more responsible mining of gold and other precious metals.
Ten Golden Rules is an interactive marketing agency founded by Jay Berkowitz based in Boca Raton, Florida.
My own favorite examples, qua recipient, are supposed golden rules of wallpaper-hanging (less paste, more speed) and freestyle swimming (choose the path of most resistance).