golden section

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the proportional relation between two divisions of line or two dimension of a plane figure such that short : long :: long : (short + long)


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Instead of a lid which tends to have a soggy nether region, the chef had baked a golden rectangle of puff pastry separately and set it on the chicken at a rather jaunty angle.
in Berlin) fully explore this fascinating phenomenon, starting with its discover and taking it to the golden rectangle, music, and art as well as its many applications in nature.
This also means that the profit region forms what is referred to as a golden rectangle.
Golden rectangles on a bright red ground (representing the display of pictures) on corridor walls are seen from the outside through a veil of outward-facing mirror strips applied to a clear-glazed elevational skin.
To please them, he analysed its geometry and applied this to the design of the new structure, generating plan and elevation from three golden rectangles.