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a song that was formerly popular


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Bahrain Rugby Football Club chairman Mike Cunningham said: "Bruce was a longstanding and respected member of the club and a former Golden Oldies player.
The team has undergone rigorous training in Bahrain under Jim Rowark, the highly experienced Golden Oldies coach.
We have quite a few golden oldies here as many are left without homes in later life, and not many people take them in.
It was the 21st Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival - the first was held in Auckland, New Zealand in 1979 - and players must be 35 or over with matches graded into different categories to suit a range of playing abilities.
But aside from it being good fun I wanted to bring some attention to the Golden Oldies Festival.
Dave says: "The Golden Oldies is a funny, warm, uplifting look at love and romance in the over-60s, set against the soundtrack of their youth.
Mariah Carey sang her golden oldies in a dazzling performance at the Barclaycard Arena
Our show source said: "Kate loves the old formula of funny one-liners from Corrie's golden oldies.
Life was good--until they started getting approached by New Zealand cricketers unhappy with the destinations being selected for the Golden Oldie tournaments (Peter had been the first chairman of Golden Oldies Cricket in 1984, and the couple were volunteers for the tournaments until 1996).
com)-- Celebrating its 30th birthday, the Golden Oldies Netball Festival will host their 15th bi-Annual World event October 6-13, 2013 at the prestigious San Diego Polo Fields, San Diego, CA.
ABERDEEN'S golden oldies are set to prove you don't stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
This weekend our shelters are celebrating older animals with a Golden Oldies Weekend.
Y GOGs (Geriatrics o Gymru), Caernarfon Rugby Club's Golden Oldies team, are on their travels again.
GOLDEN OLDIES United's goals came from Michael Owen and Ryan Giggs BATTLE Grayson tries to organise his defence
Dubai The Emirates Veterans cricket team made up of cricketers aged 40-plus from the UAE will be taking on the Hollywood Golden Oldies, a globetrotting team from the US, today at the Sharjah Stadium in a 25 overs friendly cricket game.