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a woman who can be a successful wife and have a professional career at the same time

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This will really take you back to those Saturday's spent watching this female superhero fight crime in her invisible airplane, with bullet-repelling bracelets and golden lasso of truth.
99WONDER WOMAN: COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (PG)THE STORY: Take a trip back to television of the glossy 1970s and join the beautiful Wonder Woman (played by former Miss USA Lynda Carter) in her fight against evil, tackling villains with her bullet- repelling bracelets and golden lasso of truth.
Returning to America with Steve in her new guise as War Department secretary Diana Prince (Lynda Carter), Wonder Woman fights injustice and crime using her superpowers and her trusty golden lasso of truth.
It might seem that tightrope-walking between Amazonian strength and femme-fatale status does requires a golden lasso and invisible plane.