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a Mongolian army that swept over eastern Europe in the 13th century

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1994) Islamization and native religion in the Golden Horde.
Around 1311 or 1312, the Genoese of Chios kidnapped Tokhta Khan's ambassadors to Egypt and their Mamluk escort as they sailed back to Alexandria after visiting the court of the Golden Horde.
Genghis Khan (1162-1227), translated as "The Great Lord," and his troops called the Golden Horde for the gold on their garments and their saddles, were the most feared marauders and conquerors.
Apparently they were joined by Tatar skirmishers commanded by a former Khan of the Golden Horde and Bohemian warriors under the Hussite leader Jan Zizka.
Are we right to think that horse-riding may have arisen in Central Asia or was it just that Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde made such a speciality of it?
This building somehow survived the attack of Batu Khan and his Golden Horde in the 13th century.
Hopkins should have pointed out that the Mongol rulers, particularly the heirs of Genghis Khan, the founders of the Golden Horde in Russia, and the Ilkhanids in Persia and Iraq, became converts to Islam and made the ideas of secular law, kinship, and statehood part of their political culture.
This may contain a bronze, silver or golden horde of treasure comprising Dremel products and other goodies, including a cheque for 2,500 euros - pounds 2,000 - to spend on travel.
Certain Khans during the Il-Khanate era may have had a predilection for it; but the Mongols did not establish a state religion--except in the cases of Uzbek Khan in the Golden Horde and Ghazan Khan in the Il-Khanate, which, in both cases, was Islam.
The only game played in Division Two, meanwhile, saw Golden Horde beat Norton Arms 3-0.
The only game in Division One saw Abacus overcome Turf & Feather 3-0, and in Division Two, Grange Red Lion kept the pressure on the leaders with a 2-1 win over third placed Golden Horde.
In under 200 pages, Vasary gives the reader a taste of many things--the politics of the Assenid dynasty of the Second Bulgarian Empire, the rise of Nogay within the western lands of the Golden Horde, the involvement of Cuman and Mongol troops in military events in Serbia and Byzantium, and the beginnings of the medieval Romanian states--but no single overarching framework to tie them all together.
If they didn't have the Golden Horde anymore to fret about, there was instead a warlike Sweden on the western horizon.
Despite the fact that the principalities represented the true Orthodox faith, God had produced the Golden Horde as punishment for Russian sins.