Golden Gate Bridge

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a suspension bridge across the Golden Gate

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Caption: The newest specialty vehicle in the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation District fleet is the Lindsay Road Zipper, which transfers barriers at a typical pace of 704-880 feet per minute (8-10 miles per hour).
Linder's attorney Spencer Smith stated that the Plaintiff had exemplary performance and his efforts to protect the millions of visitors and commuters that travel on the Golden Gate Bridge should have been met with reward and not punishment.
The Golden Gate Bridge is a source of immense pride to San Francisco, but for too many families in our community, it has also been a place of pain,'' Pelosi said.
On November 4, 1930, voters approved a $35 million bond measure to fund the administration, engineering, and building of the Golden Gate Bridge, though litigation concerning financial arrangements delayed the start of construction.
In San Francisco, Waiyde Palmer of Stop AIDS Now or Else disrupted the San Francisco Opera and tied up rush-hour traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Think San Francisco and you may bring to mind the Golden Gate Bridge, Cable Cars, and Fisherman's Wharf: in Delivery Boy, author Roland Bianchi provides a different memoir of the city's Italian-American community.
Tucked just northwest of the Golden Gate Bridge, this pocket beach in the Marin Headlands is accessible only by a 1-mile downhill hike, which keeps away the crowds taking snapshots atop the headlands.
I've sent my fictional couples for a stroll through the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park or on a motorcycle ricle across the Golden Gate Bridge at night.
National Guardsmen have been deployed to protect New York's subway system and security has been boosted at landmarks like the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
Promotions included the Dancing Raisins going for a jog across the Golden Gate Bridge, handing out packages of California raisins to riders on the cable cars and practicing early-morning Tai Chi with the Neighborhood Parks Council.
You wanted to know, for example, when Albalos + Herreros's Casa Verde first appeared in Wallpaper, how they would get the grass to stay growing up the sides of the house a question, incidentally, you didn't ask of that great landscaped cube of Superstudio wrapping the middle of the Golden Gate bridge -- which must be a kind of visual source.
Cross the Golden Gate Bridge, 15 minutes from there to Novato.
Officials at the Golden Gate Bridge report that the bridge no longer has terrorism coverage and that their insurance costs will more than double this year.
Collection system operators can securely send and receive confidential data between service center computers and other system components with the Securedge VPN, which also permits maintenance and upgrade of systems supporting the Golden Gate Bridge toll system.
To top it off, the Monorail runs across a small-scale replica of the Golden Gate Bridge.
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