Golden Gate Bridge

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a suspension bridge across the Golden Gate

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3) That is veteran ironworker and Golden Gate Bridge builder Al Zampas comment when he was interviewed in 1986.
About Golden Gate Bridge Highways and Transportation District: http://www.
Caption: The newest specialty vehicle in the Golden Gate Bridge Transportation District fleet is the Lindsay Road Zipper, which transfers barriers at a typical pace of 704-880 feet per minute (8-10 miles per hour).
The Golden Gate Bridge is a source of immense pride to San Francisco, but for too many families in our community, it has also been a place of pain,'' Pelosi said.
On November 4, 1930, voters approved a $35 million bond measure to fund the administration, engineering, and building of the Golden Gate Bridge, though litigation concerning financial arrangements delayed the start of construction.
He writes, "[This book is] intended to educate readers about Golden Gate Bridge suicides with the hope that more people will realize that this deplorable situation must be remedied at once, without further delay.
Three American icons - the Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty - made up the remainder of the top six spots, each sharing 7% of traveller''s votes.
5m contract by the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District (District), San Francisco, California, US, to provide a new advanced communications and information system (ACIS).
A WOMAN with a painful health problem flew to the US and jumped to her death from the Golden Gate Bridge after seeing suicide websites.
Yet for seven decades, the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District has pushed aside evidence that prompted the construction of effective barriers on other bridges and landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, the Bloor Street Viaduct in Toronto, Washington, D.
Doug Hanson is 17, something of a loner, and obsessed with many things--including the exact scale model of the Golden Gate Bridge he is building of matchsticks for the model railroad town in his basement.
Among these was Sausalito--the quaint, artsy, Marin County community across the Golden Gate Bridge.
Thirty miles west of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge lie the Farallon Islands, with some of the most forbidding terrain in America.
35% of the units enjoy views of the Bay Bridge, San Francisco skyline, Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.
It also happens to block views of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.
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