golden age

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a time period when some activity or skill was at its peak

any period (sometimes imaginary) of great peace and prosperity and happiness

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(classical mythology) the first and best age of the world, a time of ideal happiness, prosperity, and innocence

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They were the only tears, except my own, I ever saw in that Golden Age.
It was a pity they were not in that golden age of childhood when they would have stood face to face, eyeing each other with timid liking, then given each other a little butterfly kiss, and toddled off to play together.
War and the rumor of war had then died out from the minds of men, and if they were ever thought of by the farmers in drab greatcoats, who shook the grain out of their sample-bags and buzzed over it in the full market-place, it was as a state of things that belonged to a past golden age when prices were high.
Prometheus Unbound' partly follows AEschylus in treating the torture of the Titan who is the champion or personification of Mankind, by Zeus, whom Shelley makes the incarnation of tyranny and on whose overthrow the Golden Age of Shelleyan anarchy succeeds.
To come out into the shop after it was shut, and hear her father sing a song inside this cottage, was a perfect Pastoral to Mrs Plornish, the Golden Age revived.
Here you are, as simple and innocent as a knight of the golden age, and yet .
For more information on Stories from the Golden Age, visit www.
THE GOLDEN AGE OF POSTCARD'S identification and values for postcards from the early 1900s will prove an invaluable pick for any interested in pricing or acquiring such postcards, and is a recommendation for any library strong in collector's price guides.
The price tag is even higher for ``Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs,'' opening today at LACMA, but exhibition organizers will remind you that a trip to Cairo would set you back even more.
One of Stroud's stated goals is that of making the difficulties of Lacanian theory comprehensible to students of the Spanish Golden Age literature, and to this end he makes good use of one or two well-known dramas in each chapter, rather in the manner in which Slavoj Zizec employs Hitchcock films and other popular texts to explain and illustrate Lacanian ideas to postmodern readers.
We feel that we have found an ideal new home for Lord Isaacs in Golden Age Brands.
With Los Angeles serving as the first stop on a four-city, two-year tour for ``Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs,'' entrepreneurs of every stripe have geared up to try to take advantage of the ample commercial opportunities.
It is divided into sections concerning the political and social, religious, linguistic, and literary aspects of the corporal metaphor as used in Golden Age Spain.
PIONEERS OF TELEVISION comes in the wake of Steve Boettcher's PIONEERS OF PRIMETIME special -- one of the top-rated television shows for PBS in 2005 -- which chronicled a select few of television's comedic trailblazers from vaudeville to the golden age of television.