gold plate

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Synonyms for gold plate

tableware that is plated with gold

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a thin plating of gold on something

plate with gold

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Caan also presented the youngsters with gold-plated iPods - produced by Goldgenie, a gold-plating firm he backed on Dragon's Den.
On their computer, Landman and his colleagues have also splattered gold clusters against nickel to model the molecular dynamics of gold-plating processes.
LONDON -- Goldgenie, the successful gold-plating business, was founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Laban Roomes, but it took investment and advice from 'Dragon' James Caan for the company to position itself for long-lasting success.
Mr Wright said the regulations come out in relatively simple form from Europe but adds: "Because our laws are so precise the Government covers every angle - gold-plating everything - and therefore what was possibly a relatively simple law becomes a complex piece of regulation.
Proprietary Gold-Plated Interior - To address interference resulting from the use of digital cellular phones, ReSound is incorporating the first, proprietary gold-plating technique inside the cases of digital behind-the-ear (BTE) devices.
Halokit emphasizes that its gold-plating alternative is not only cost-effective, but also not harmful to the environment.