gold rush

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Synonyms for gold rush

a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money)

a large migration of people to a newly discovered gold field

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Porsild's argument for the essential ordinariness of Dawson City is a needed corrective to romantic portrayals that locate gold rushes outside of the dominant structures of industrial capitalism and modernity.
Julie Cruikshank's analysis of Tagish and Euro-Canadian narratives of Skookum Jim and the discovery of gold has shown us that there is much to be learned by seriously probing the stories people tell about gold rushes.
Seattle's Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park offers interpretive films, artifacts, old photographs, and maps that illustrate the people, equipment, routes, and hardships of travel during one of the last great gold rushes.
Ann Campbell, chair of the marketing committee of the Alaska Gold Rush Centennial Task Force, said the contest will help promote Alaska tourism as well as increase everyone's knowledge about the Alaska and Yukon gold rushes.
North America is well known for its gold rushes," Branigan said.