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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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There he stood in his England vest, gold shorts and boots, and dyed gold hair.
Nargis tea, Preet Lite cooking oil, Valeda herbal cream and Nuzen Herbal gold hair oil are just some of the lesser- known brands that are common at the CSD.
But in the past, particularly the 19th century, some men also adorned themselves with gold hair ornaments, earrings, bracelets and rings, especially the more important kings of the Sahel.
Cynthe is a stereotypical protagonist, a leggy blond with natural glamour; it seems everything and everyone have blonde or gold hair, including the wolf.
The youngest among them, his gold hair matching the sparkle in his eyes, enquired about the tughra.
at strawberry-field level, her pale breasts, her gold hair spread over
In Kim Carnes'' song Bette Davis Eyes, Bette''s gold hair is compared to which 1930''s pin-up?
One should beware of the ordinary means of mensuration in the marketplace, of the scales that claim a woman is worth her weight in gold hair.
The camera loves his big eyes and dark gold hair, and he has an ingenuous way with pidgin English ("We gonna drive ev'ryonna those fat cheeky bulls allaway to da big metal boat
From a colorful blue-and-white brooch shaped like a swallow to a gold hair comb decorated with a profile of a dragon on a wave, the style, drama, and pathos of these three-dimensional creations are sure to captivate the imagination.
Gold hair band, pounds 4 for 2' gold sequin bag, pounds 28, both Accessorize.
50, Christian Dior (Limited Edition for Christmas)' Pearl and gold hair slide, pounds 6, Freedom @ Topshop' Leather bag, pounds 139, LK Bennett' Zebra-print platform shoe, pounds 90, Dune' Wide red leather belt, pounds 3, Peacocks' Beaded bracelet, pounds 12.
Eric, with the green and gold hair, returns from places unknown.
She wore nothing to bed, and when she rose, she replaced nothing with a loose T-shirt, big-eyed kittens on the front, which hit her hips, so there was a flash of dark gold hair, a shimmer of her backside, as she threw her legs over one arm of the couch, as she arched her back and yawned.