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small golden or orange-red freshwater fishes of Eurasia used as pond or aquarium fishes

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An Ignoble End style, primarily in blue with yellow accents, features a fisherman sitting on a bench reeling in and eating a large yellow gold fish.
Evidence of this is the retention of four of that company's most successful ballets: Voices of Spring, The Gold Fish, Giselle, and La Fille Mal Gardee.
The latest vector pack is the Golden Fish pack, and, as the name mentions it the main theme is representing gold fish in water.
Gerard Houlier might look like a gold fish from France but who cares now.
Award-winning Gold Fish Galleries presents a colorful showing of contemporary American and international artists.
where the gold fish are slow moving flashes under the
Through airport lounges and shuttered doors, Through coast lines gashed by mist Through barricades of blunt words, Torment of the ant and ox, In a miserable century with its corrupt couplings You kept note of it all, Petticoats trimmed with lace from the black heart of Europe, Cotton from India, crystal from Lithuania, A woman's cheek wet with dew as paradise swims up, Gold fish, icon of the journeying soul, In a garden pond struck by muscular roots and fleshly scents Ferocious toil with pitchfork and spade.
28 about a couple of detectives who search for a lost gold fish.
It's either the fridge or Ben's dead gold fish which he failed to flush down the toilet.
Malachite green is an industrial dye and a disinfectant for gold fish.
Each lodge has its own pond with the largest inhabited by a school of gold fish which originated from a pair won at the funfair.
Next on the trajectory of death were two gold fish.
At the function I loaded my cannon with a normal hard boiled egg, without the shell, lit the fuse and went to the other side of the room where Margaret Metcalf was ready to catch it in a gold fish bowl full of water.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Amararaia Make 48V/25A Fb With Gold Fish Bpa Smr Module Part No:Ar905602501 Rating:48V/25A Software Vesion G1180 Tec Of Amara Raja Make Suitable In Existing Amara - Raja Make Battery Charger48v/25A.
The beer garden July 3 - 4 also will host gold fish races and hermit crab races.