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a trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competition

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Blanton, former Pepperdine player and 2000 Olympic gold medalist, made his way to Athens, Greece, last year with teammate Jeff Nygaard but did not medal.
Olympic gold medalist Carly Patterson visits young gymnasts in Van Nuys on Wednesday.
Foil fencers from around the world, including Athens Olympic gold medalists, traveled to Sonoma County to participate in the competition.
2 -- color) Gold medalist Veronica Campbell, left, and silver medalist Allyson Felix, right, of the U.
Players include: Gold Medalists, World #1 player Kerri Walsh, 2000
John Naber and Donna de Varona, gymnastics gold medalists Bart Connor and Nadia Comaneci, high jump legend Dick Fosbury, and long distance runner Billy Mills - came together in Athens to celebrate America's Olympic victories, old and new.
A two-time Olympic gold medalist, Leslie led her team to the 2002 WNBA Championship in August 2002.
Last year, she was the World Archery Festival champion, World Indoor Championship silver medalist, and the individual and team gold medalist at the Pan American Games, where she set two event records in the process.
They kind of said we didn't get that much interest,'' said two-time gold medalist Jaren Grob, who has petitioned to bring back Park.
Tellez, personal coach for eight-time Olympic Gold medalist Carl Lewis, will discuss sprinting and jumping, two things that must be in top form for O'Brien if he is to set a new world mark in the outdoor pentathlon.
New England has a tradition of supporting snowsport academies and athletes like Olympic alpine silver medalist Bode Miller, Olympic mogul gold medalist Donna Weinbrecht, and Olympic halfpipe gold medalists Ross Powers and Kelly Clark.
While girls came from across Southern California to hone their skills, two of the instructors - Olympic gold medalist and Canyon High alumnus Crystl Bustos and Athens-bound Nicole Giordano, a standout player at Saugus High - were raised in the Santa Clarita Valley.
Deneka, former Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer in the Science & Technology Division of Corning Incorporated has received the prestigious Industrial Research Institute's Gold Medalist Award for 2002.
Khalid Noor, a double SAF gold medalist and current national coach disclosed that Babar Iqbal will assist him.