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Synonyms for strategic

Synonyms for strategic

relating to or concerned with strategy


highly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war

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At 105 0 hrs on Thursday 7/ 7/0 5, West Midlands Police set up Gold Command to co-ordinate the force response to terrorist attacks in London," they state.
Merseyside FBU members had agreed that even when onstrike they would attend very serious callouts known as gold command incidents such as plane crashes and emergency terrorist threats.
We looked at the option of the X-rep and there was a decision from Gold Command that Taser would be used as a pre-emptive strike in the circumstances that Moat looked on the verge of shooting himself.
He also said despite attending a Gold Command meeting of high-ranking e m e r g e n c y s e r v i c e s leaders, he did not know there had been a bomb on the Tube between King's Cross and Russell Square.
The advanced ICU has a roof-mounted transportable satellite receiver that allows real-time voice, data and video information to be shared with gold command - the emergency service's central command unit - and provide staff on the ground with a common operating picture.
Scotland Yard chiefs are so concerned by the latest scandal they have called a meeting of their top Gold Command group.
Throughout the entire incident we have had the organised backing and practical support from the emergency services and other agencies at Gold Command, all of which provided tremendous support at a time when our own resources were fully committed.