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a fortified hilly area between southern Lebanon and southern Syria

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Golan is expected to end 2015 with total revenues exceeding NIS 500 million[sup.
465 for the year 1980 and hundreds of other resolutions made by the UN, UNSC, Human rights Council and the UN General Assembly," Ala said, adding that Israel has confiscated thousands of acres of Golan lands to perpetrate a settlement project that aims at making 750 new farms.
The Israeli military site was located near Majdal Shams village in Occupied Golan Heights.
According to the report in Al Mayadeen , two Israeli planes circled the Syrian Golan at the same time to collect intelligence.
The rockets exploded in a field near the ceasefire line in the southern Golan, she added.
Morimoto told a news conference that neither the Japanese SDF team nor UNDOF troops are under risk of attack, but said he would carefully look at the situation in the Golan Heights, noting that tensions are mounting there.
The Shin Bet said on Monday that Iyad Johari, 38, was arrested last month "on suspicion of maintaining contacts with Syrian intelligence and passing information on Israeli army deployment on the Golan Heights.
Stoute agrees: "It's one thing to win first time out in the Guineas [which Golan had done the previous year] when the opposition had had only one run, but this was a different proposition.
The letter demanded the UN and international community "bear their responsibility in preventing Israel from continuing these violations, especially the looting of natural resources in occupied Arab territories, including water in the occupied Syrian Golan.
DAMASCUS: Nationals from nearly one-third of the 192 member states of the United Nations met in Damascus in the second week of October to discuss the liberation of the Golan Heights from Israeli occupation and its return to Syria.
According to Crown Prosecutor Lee Ingham, Allegra Liat Golan, 51, was hired as a caregiver for Hoshang Tagadad.
Nationals from nearly one-third of the 192 member states of the United Nations met in Damascus last week to discuss the Return/Liberation of the Golan Heights.
Pro-Israel media watchdog group Honest Reporting claimed it forced the social network Facebook to change its settings to allow Golan Heights residents to register themselves as Israeli residents.
Summary: The Golan Heights, an area of roughly 690 square miles bordering Syria, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan could hold the key to peace in the Middle East.