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(Norse mythology) one of the maidens of Odin who chose heroes to be slain in battle and conducted them to Valhalla

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Gol started hitting its target--to fly 120,000 passengers per month--in the first months of this year At that rate, equivalent to an average passenger load of 60%, de Oliveiro says he'll see profit in about three years.
In terms of load factor, GOL and TAM continued to present an improvement in this indicator for the accumulated 11-month period in 2006.
Sharyn Gol is also pleased to announce that it has executed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mongol Sammok Logistics LLC, which is a joint venture between the Mongolian state and Sammok Shipping Company of South Korea.
Currently GOL has the ability to offer its customers access to the five markets Delta serves between the USand Brazil including Brasilia - Atlanta, Rio de Janeiro - Atlanta; and between Sao Paulo and Atlanta, Detroit and New York JFK.
In the Gol 737-800/ExcelAire Legacy 600 accident report did not say if the Legacy was ordered to descend to 36,000 ft.
One hundred and forty eight passengers and six crew members died on September 29, 2006, when Gol Airlines Flight 1907 plunged nose-first into the Amazon rainforest after colliding with an Embraer Legacy aircraft operated by ExcelAire.
Brasilia Time) Phone: +1 (412) 317 6776 Code: GOL Replay Phone: +1 (412) 317 0088 Replay Code: 10064245 Webcast: click here
With the recent Dollar hike, GOL expects record fuel prices for the next months.
A Brazilian Gol passenger plane with 155 people on board disappeared over the Amazon jungle on Friday after colliding with a small plane, the company and news reports said.
Under the new agreement, GOL will continue to use Navitaire's host reservation system and has added Navitaire's Web hosting services to significantly broaden its Web sales and services capabilities.
Under the expanded deal customers can now purchase Delta flights on those routes at GOL's website, Voe GOL stores, GOL's call centre and travel agents.
This will provide the families of the Gol Airlines disaster the first opportunity to advance their case before an American court and press for discovery of all facts surrounding the accident.
On January 05, 2015, GOL registered record number of passengers carried in a single day, with approximately 157,000 clients, in 1,039 flights.
American law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein announced that family members of ten passengers on Gol Airlines Flight 1907 who were killed after the aircraft collided with an aircraft owned and operated by ExcelAire Service, Inc.
In the year, GOL transported 40 million passengers in the domestic and international markets, 9.