Duke of Argyll's tea tree

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deciduous erect or spreading shrub with spiny branches and violet-purple flowers followed by orange-red berries

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It's a nutritionally complete food - and a normal food we'd eat as part of our everyday diet, as opposed to goji berries, wheatgrass and chia seeds.
Since the early 21st century, there has been growing attention for goji berries for their novelty and nutrient value.
Featuring organic ingredients, including acai, blueberry and goji berries, Berry Raw Reserve is USDA-certified organic and features a complex blend of organic broad-spectrum greens.
South American Superfoods Add Nutritional Street Cred: Acai berries, goji berries and chia seeds hail from South America, but watch for up-and-comers acerola cherries, Peruvian purple maize and Chilean maqui fruit to find their way into juices and energy drinks.
Traditional Asian healers have often recommended Goji berries to help diabetes, high blood pressure, fever and eye issues related to aging.
Goji berries boast an extremely high rating on the ORAC scale, an indicator of antioxidant potency.
They add all sorts of extras to the mix from honey to sweeten to coconut, vanilla seeds, crushed raspberries and goji berries as well as natural extracts like lavender, peppermint and orange and have just launched a make-to-order service available by collection or post.
The symposium highlighted the new men's skincare line called OLIGOJI35, an anti-aging, energizing booster which combines Goji berries - powerful antioxidants - with the strength of trace elements.
Super fruits have grown substantially in popularity over the past few years, with products including cranberries, goji berries and wheatgrass all being promoted to 'super' status.
I love mixing natural yoghurt with goji berries, blueberries and a few mixed seeds.
Inspired by New Yorkers getting out and about in Central Park - riding bikes, walking dogs or just strolling along hand-in-hand - the floral fruity fragrance is a combination of pomelo, passion fruit, goji berries, jasmine, magnolia, lychee, musk, sandalwood and teakwood.
I had always been confident that if you brought together commonly-known superfoods, such as goji berries, blueberries, broccoli and so on, with super-spices you would have a powerful combination.
Gourmet Raw showcased its raw and living food range, including a number of innovative new products, at the Natural & Organic Products Europe 2010 Launching nationally at the show, the gluten-free Oracle bar appeals to raw foodies and anyone interested in a natural, organic and healthy snack option, the Oracle bar is made with goji berries, hemp seeds and other delicious seeds.
The Actipone Superfruit range includes among others goji berries, chokeberries (aronia) pomegranate, blueberries, black currants, camu camu and cranberries.
This was where the first east-west railroad met and where the Chinese railroad workers either planted seeds or dropped dried goji berries.