Gazella subgutturosa

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a kind of gazelle

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The Asian Plains feature Indian rhinos, Malayan sambar deer, axis deer, nilgai, blackbuck, Persian goitered gazelle, Indian gaur and Altai wapiti.
The goitered gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa) is the second most frequent ungulate species at Begash.
The initial presence of goitered gazelle in Phase 1b (1950-1690 BC) suggests that Begash's pastoralists may have made sporadic hunting forays into more arid, low elevation territories at the start of the second millennium BC.
The serval, leopard, goitered gazelle, dama gazelle and African wild ass are also in serious danger of going extinct.
This, we were told, made to stop the animals like the wild donkey, the Persian Onager, the goitered gazelle and the wild hedgehog from wondering to places were they shouldn't be.