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Synonyms for defecation



Synonyms for defecation

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For twelve days and nights, and in full view of audiences during gallery hours, Abramovic theatricalized the rituals of daily life: sleeping, drinking, going to the bathroom.
While they're willing to cut a little slack to those of us who have gotten up to relieve ourselves during a commercial break--"There's a certain amount of tolerance for going to the bathroom," says Kellner--Hollywood executives apparently believe that turning on an episode of "Friends" contractually binds us to sit through the latest spot for McDonalds.
They said they were going to make a place in the costume for me so that going to the bathroom would be possible.
We provide people with the ability to retain their independence and perform daily living activities such as eating, grooming and going to the bathroom in their own homes," said Esmeralda Gracia, the store manager.
One of the boys told investigators that he noticed flames on the couch after going to the bathroom.