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Antonyms for environmentalism

the philosophical doctrine that environment is more important than heredity in determining intellectual growth

the activity of protecting the environment from pollution or destruction

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The work found out that the concept of Going Green and Living Green is not popular particularly among students: Green areas are few, everyone crosses lawns indiscriminately, waste is generated and poorly managed, vegetal cover is fast decreasing, there is no respect for plant and animal life forms, no thought of mitigation measures against global warming and climate change, etc.
Going Green has sold more than 1,400 G-Wiz electric vehicles, claiming to make it Europe's largest single retailer of electric vehicles, and generating annual revenues of more than USD1m.
He further urged the industry to own up to going green.
And though you may expect Kipp to come down harshly on the powers that be, as we do, for backtracking on their commitments to going green, we are rather torn on this one.
5 -- Major strides are being made in the going green market.
Going green shouldn't mean wreaking havoc on our economy.
Our daily e-newsletter reaches out to over 12,000 subscribers interested in going green.
Just like every other industry, going green has become a mantra among airlines, car rental companies and even hotel chains.
October 14, 2009: Going Green Without Going Crazy, Green Building Workshop Series, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wisconsin.
Going green has never been easier for FAA Credit Union members.
That is why we now realize that we have the opportunity to make green or save some green by going green.
I just wanted to offer this book as a tool for people who have an interest in going green but who didn't know how to start," says Common.
Although it seems to be all the rage, going green in corporate America is not necessarily so, and those that are don't seem to be doing it for the "greater good," even though that seemed to be important to the employees surveyed.
Indeed going green is good for the environment, but did you know that it can also help your business succeed financially?