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Synonyms for overboard

go overboard


throw something or someone overboard

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IF there was any sense of fans going overboard about the arrival of Jurgen Klopp, it was swiftly dashed against Rubin Kazan.
Company spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez said Sunday that the captain of the Adventure of the Seas stopped the ship, turned around and alerted authorities after a passenger reported seeing the person going overboard late Saturday.
Six days to go and six dresses to choose from, that will make you look chic, stylish and hot without going overboard.
Girard said: "I think things went on the other night and I think we're going to sort things out within the club internally, not going overboard here.
Actor Chris Zylka has offered up a lengthy apology, kind of going overboard.
The man, 30, was seen on CCTV going overboard from a luxury cabin on the Allure of the Seas in the middle of what was billed as the world's largest gay cruise.
Police were alerted at 7am yesterday with reports of the woman going overboard from the Oceana cruise liner as it approached Southampton, Hants.
Punters were going overboard about Frankie Dettori's mount, Soldier's Tale, all day, especially in-running (his previous mount, Khun John, traded at crazy prices, and for serious money, despite never really ever looking like the long odds-on shot some made him), and Soldier's Tale was no exception.
Since according to polls Christmas is Canadians' favourite holiday (6 out of 10, said the 2003 Leger Marketing survey) and a majority (72 per cent, said the 2004 Ipsos-Reid/MasterCard survey) feel that exchanging gifts is an important part of it, the Anglican Journal shares some suggestions on how to celebrate Christmas without going overboard.
While educators believe that tutoring can help some kids who are underperforming in math or reading, some child development professionals feel parents should be careful about going overboard, because the extra help at a young age does not guarantee success.