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an insignificant place

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All Dressed Up And Going Nowhere was filmed amid graffiti-scarred streets, with so-called bovver boys on the prowl, as young lads tore down the back lanes of Scotswood on home-made 'bogies' and the old Stella Power Station pumped out smoke in the background.
Going Nowhere Fast, a 20-1 chance who was racing for the first time in 464 days, came home seven lengths ahead of recent winner Rime Avec Gentil the 9-2 joint-favourite.
Boss Steve Bruce was furious that the board cashedin on Upson on the night of the January 30 Southend United game, at the same time as he was addressing the media post-match to stress that the defender was going nowhere.
The UK seems to require a powerful USA-style Senate, otherwise it's obvious the UK political system is going nowhere, as the consent of the governed is being permanently ignored by all parties for their own vested interest reasons.
If you're happy with what you, ve seen this season then this club is going nowhere fast.
Those of us who are gay bring something to the table when we tell these buffoons that we are here, we are queer, and we are going nowhere until you bring back fag hags like Barry Goldwater.
She laments the deaths of her father and friend in one line and then launches into a description of a mountain hike and a chance encounter with a man who has "walked for days and gone / nowhere: the rage of going nowhere / excites his features into lust.
It's the best way to travel, because you start out going nowhere.
STRUT was outpaced and going nowhere in the five-furlong Listed race at Newbury, and it wasn't surprising to see she traded at an in-running high of 50 (pounds 400 matched), because her cause looked desperate when Sweet Afton (touched a low of 1.
AS the state of California's problems get worse, state lawmakers are blowing a lot of smoke on a lot of measures they know are going nowhere.
London-based Christina Mackie's room installation Xing, 2004, is a half-built road movie going nowhere in particular.
Baucus knows it's going nowhere, and we know it's going nowhere this year," he said.
In a defence of his former benefactor Murray, Dalglish claimed: ''They can talk about debts, but Rangers were going nowhere until he (Murray) took over.
Where are Pugin and Ruskin when you need them, to describe the hideous back elevations of this revolting building, the pretentious rubbish of a grand staircase going nowhere, the creeping tawdry gift shop, the cheap suspended ceilings, the vile laser-cut ironwork, the derisory incomprehensible 'jokes' of the fading pilasters, and the silly plans with their mutilated 'classical' doorcases, which were no doubt amusing for anyone in America who had never seen at first hand a third-rate building by Sir Herbert Baker.