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a unit of electrical resistance equal to the resistance between two points on a conductor when a potential difference of one volt between them produces a current of one ampere

German physicist who formulated Ohm's law (1787-1854)

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Diener E, Gohm C, Suh E, Oishi S, 2000, Similarity of the relations between marital status and subjective well-being across cultures.
Gohm, 2014: The world is not flat: Implications for the global carbon balance.
Asi, Gohm, Baumann y Sniezek (2001) investigaron el papel de las experiencias emocionales y las dificultades cognitivas en situaciones de estres agudo en un grupo de bomberos aplicando el TMMS.
El elevado riesgo de victimizacion de las mujeres jovenes y la multitud de perdidas personales y sociales que conlleva la violencia contra la mujer ha contribuido a prestar en los ultimos anos una mayor atencion a la violencia ejercida contra las jovenes, especialmente a las vinculadas a contextos educativos, destacando los estudios realizados con universitarias (Aosved y Long, 2005; Arnold, Gelaye, Goshu, Berhane y Williams, 2008; Cercone, Beach y Arias, 2005; Gross, Winslett, Roberts y Gohm, 2006; Lehrer, Lehrer, Lehrer y Oyarzun, 2007; Lewis, Travea y Fremouw, 2002; Orcutt, Garcia y Pickett, 2005; Smith, White y Holland, 2003).
This high-risk population of women is more vulnerable because they are young, dating, and involved in the campus party scene (Cass, 2007; Gross, Winslett, Roberts, & Gohm, 2006; Fisher et al.
Lucas and Gohm (2000) found very small gender differences in subjective well-being by using two independent international samples.
A study by Gohm, Humphreys, and Yao (1998) investigated the underachievement among spatially gifted students.
Age displays its conventional U shape with happiness, being higher among the young and older age groups (see Lucas and Gohm 2000, Argyle 1999).
Gohm, Humphreys, and Yao (1998) reported that visual-spatial students are more likely to attend business or vocational schools as opposed to 4-year universities, and that they often plan on working for a few years before beginning postsecondary education.
Research examining the nature of the relationship between male initiators and female victims indicates that sexual coercion is more likely to occur in more intimate relationships (for an early review see Craig, 1990; Gross, Winslett, Roberts, & Gohm, 2006; Lannutti & Monahan, 2004; O'Sullivan, & Byers, 1993; O'Sullivan et al.
A number of researchers have also found significant relationships between subjective well-being (satisfaction with life) and marital status (see Diener, Gohm, Suh, & Oishi, 2000).
Sobre esta linea, Gohm (2003) examino en tres estudios las diferencias que existen sobre como los jovenes experimentan sus emociones (rasgos de la meta y claridad de la emocion, de la atencion y de la intensidad), lo que condujo al autor a identificar cuatro tipos distintos: abrumado, caliente, cerebral y frio.
Tim, Chad, and Cory Gohm Gohm Insurance Restoration Saginaw, Mich.