Gog and Magog

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biblical names of the enemies of God's people who wage war against God at the end of the world

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Among these, as Muir suggests, is probably the passage on Gogmagog in Holinshed, found just two pages before the Leir story, with wording that includes "leap" and "Dover cliff.
Although Dianno went on to front Battlezone, Killers and Gogmagog after giving way to Bruce Dickinson, nearly all of the material on this set harks back to that original incarnation - so with tracks like Wrathchild, Killers, Sanctuary, Running Free, Murders In The Rue Morgue and Phantom Of The Opera, Maiden's Steve Harris should be receiving some nice royalty cheques in due course.
Several Arthurian legends are retold, and readers will also encounter a Selkie, the Mester Stoorworm and Gogmagog -- a two-headed giant.
Yet it also omits others of equal merit, such as Selwyn & Blout and the Gogmagog Press.
and afterwerd this * Corynne and Gogmagog wresteled long tyme to | gidres and this Gogmagog helde thys Corynus so [fast] that he brake ij | two rybbes in hys syde And than saide Brute to Corynus in ane | skorne and thy p(ar)amour myght wete that onely one manne dide be | thus moche shame she wolde neuir loue the after this daie Wher | fore Corynus was woundr wrothe and sterte to Gogmagog and | toke him with a grete strength and caste him dovne of a Roche | of Stone and braste him all to peces and ther was he deide & | therfor that ys called yete into this daie Gogmagog * lepe * and | thanne Brute gave all that Cuntre to Corynus and he lete | calle It Corenwaill aftir hys ovne name and hys menne * Cor | newaill and ther thei duelled and inhabitte How Brute made