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Dutch Post-impressionist painter noted for his use of color (1853-1890)

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Five years ago, Bonchick and Van Gogh Vodka sought out a partnership with the True Colors Fund after learning of a story of a young man who was brutally attacked due to his sexual orientation.
The inclusion of Monet's radiant The Thaw at Vetheuil (1880) and Pissarro's pointillist Haymaking, Eragny (1887) helps to demonstrate how Munch and Van Gogh adopted radical new approaches to light, colour, and composition, while refusing to settle for one particular mode of painting.
We are delighted to have worked with AkzoNobel on our new entrance hall," said Axel Riiger, director of the Van Gogh Museum.
While in Arles, Van Gogh creates 25 pictures of the Roulin family.
This season there is a great deal that links Van Gogh and Keukenhof.
From Wednesday, Dubai will play host to the exclusive regional launch of the newly created Van Gogh Museum Relievo exhibition.
According to Vanity Fair, the forensics expert told Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith - who have long believed that van Gogh did not commit suicide - that the painter's fatal wounds did not look as if they were self-inflicted.
Van Gogh suffered from mental illness that led to troubling breakdowns (he cut off part of his ear
The Apache-operated Van Gogh field is also owned by the same JV.
The landscape - Sunset at Montmajour - was painted in 1888, and was unveiled yesterday at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
It did not disclose details of how the painting had been recovered, but said it had been owned by a Norwegian man who had been told it was not by Van Gogh, so he put it in the attic.
A French landscape painting stored in an attic and kept from public view for a century because it was considered a fake is the work of Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh, a museum said on Monday citing new research.
A painting by Vincent Van Gogh which lay undiscovered in a Norwegian attic for decades is to go on display in Amsterdam.
Summary: Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum on Monday unveiled a newly discovered painting by the Dutch master, .
Sunset at Montmajour, which shows twisted holly oaks and a distant ruin bathed in the light of the setting sun, was painted in 1888 when Van Gogh was living in Arles, in the south of France.