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biblical names of the enemies of God's people who wage war against God at the end of the world

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He urges the church to prepare the flock for the next prophetic event which will soon come to pass - the infamous "War of Gog and Magog.
Gog and Magog by van Donzel and Schmidt seeks to make two main points: first, that Sallam did in fact embark on the journey that he describes and reach what he thought was Alexander's barrier; and second, that Sallam's description of the barrier was influenced by earlier Syriac accounts of it.
We thus find chapters on Gag and Magog in pre-Islamic sources (chapter one); Alexander the Great and Gog and Magog in pre-Islamic, eastern Christian sources (chapter two); Gog and Magog and Dhu l-Qarnayn (the latter clearly representing Alexander in this context) in the Quran (chapter three); Gog and Magog in Islamic tradition, mostly hadith literature and the like (chapter four); and two chapters on Gog and Magog in later Islamic (mostly Arabic, Persian, and Turkish) literature, including poetry, adab, and folklore (chapters five and six).
Whereas Gog and Magog represents solid Orientalism,(13) Mapping Frontiers demonstrates the benefits that new, imaginative readings of old sources can yield.
The story of the barrier fuses two sub-plots, each of which could (and often did) stand alone: one is the fabled exploits of Alexander the Great, whose career was in many ways unprecedented but whose depiction in the Alexander Romance was unmistakably indebted to Mesopotamian precedents, primarily the epic of Gilgamesh;(14) the other is the threat that the chaos-peoples of Gog and Magog pose to civilization, a theme familiar to readers of the Bible or Quran.
In addition to Gilgamesh's influence on the Alexander Romance, (21) scholars have noted that Gog and Magog can be related to pre-Biblical Near Eastern agents of chaos.
In some ways, this lack of engagement with ancient Near Eastern materials in analysing Islamic-era descriptions of Gog and Magog, Alexander, the barrier, or Sallam's account itself appears entirely excusable.
We thus hear in Pseudo-Methodius's Syriac account of the barrier--a text that both books deem relevain to Sallam's account--that Gog and Magog eat human flesh, drink blood, feast on mice, snakes, and other reptiles, as well as dogs and kittens (Gog and Magog, p.
It follows that the problem of finding an explicit bi-jection between Gog and Magog triangles can be reduced to that of finding an explicit bijection between Gog and GOGAm triangles.
Actually Zeilberger proves this theorem for Gog and Magog trapezoids, but composing by the Schutzenberger involution yields the above result.
This shows that GOGAm triangles and trapezoids are a useful tool in the bijection problem between Gog and Magog triangles.
Gog and magog triangles and the schutzenberger involution.
According to Genesis and Ezekiel, Gog and Magog, the forces of Apocalypse, will come out of the north to attack the Children of Israel.