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of or relating to or in the manner of Goethe


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7) In Enrich my resignation: he wishes time to end, as a return to the fathers (a Goethean complementary reflex here, maybe, of the primordial "mothers" who created all of reality, as mentioned):
Longfellow not only lectured on Goethe and interpreted Faust at Harvard but wanted to enrich the indigenous Puritan tradition with Goethean wisdom in his--never realized--plans for writing a "New England Faust" (see Durrani 405).
Philosophies new to the field (at the time) that were introduced included: Goethean phenomenological approach to environmental education based on the ideas of the German nature philosopher, Johann von Goethe (as well as Nietzsche and Heidegger) (Hoffman, 1994); a constructivist and holistic approach to teaching, termed "environmentalism/ green education" for which a set of characteristics are proposed, including a process of learning that engages students in debating values (Dyer, 1997); and the reframing of biocentric and anthropocentric worldviews as representing a continuum rather than a dichotomy (Dyer & Gunnell, 1993).
THIS ESSAY EXPLORES GOETHE'S DYNAMIC IDEA OF FORM AND DIFFERENTIation, while also considering the relevance of Goethean science for a poetics of Darstellung and for the development of modern phenomenology.
Such a Goethean ideal--what Montherlant called "syncretism and alternance" (syncretisme et alternance) (Aux Fontaines du desir 32)--not only accounts for the seemingly irreconcilable perspectives that Montherlant held on sport but also rationalizes the importance that he placed on aesthetics.
And as its de facto origin, motherhood seems to be strongly vindicated; the mother's unconditional sacrifice and devotion to her family is nothing less than the everlasting motherhood in the Goethean sense ("das Ewig Weibliche"), which is evoked, perhaps too straightforwardly, in the epilogue of the novel.
39) The first section had appeared to doubt the Goethean belief that the fragments of "dead selves" might become "stepping stones" upon which to "rise .
West criticized Du Bois only because Du Bois deserved it, not to make himself number one: "My Chekhovian Christian voice simply cuts deeper and thereby is more truthful than Du Bois's Goethean Enlightenment view that undergirded his marvelous scholarship.
Their true religion was the bourgeois, Goethean ideal of Bildung (high culture).
John Pizer's characterization of the Goethean paradigm of Weltliteratur as "grounded in the dialectical relationship between cultural unity and multiplicity, universality and particularity" is illuminating for the humanistic coloration of comparative literature in its early, post-World War II phase (2006, 114).
In the perspective of the system, the Goethean expression of a "morphology of the spirit" is meant to underline this importance of the form, and is not suppressed by the higher, more contemporary and scientific expression in terms of an energetics of the spirit.
His own children lived in a world which consisted of a strange mixture of political liberalism, agnosticism, Lessing's religion of tolerance, Goethean, and even Nietzschean ideas.
He takes the idea of an 'Eden of germs and lights', (22) the Goethean metamorphosis, (23) the principle of the animation of nature at its most visible and primitive level.
65) Commonsensical wisdom and Goethean objective thinking save Pushkin from the trap of abstract philosophizing.
The most significant departure from Wedekind's text (and from past presentations of the musical) is the excision from the final graveyard scene of the Goethean figure of the Masked Man, who persuades suicidal fugitive Melchior to embrace life.