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of or relating to or in the manner of Goethe


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Goethean science, on the other hand, was poetic, intuitive, and, above all, contemplative.
In "Euphrosyne," for example, the Goethean persona becomes aware of a luminous figure as he is travelling alone in the mountains at nightfall.
Integration of brigalow vegetation with dryland cropping in southeast Queensland: agronomic, hydrological, ecological and Goethean perspectives.
14) Whereas, then, for the Goethean Prometheus hope stands as one of the main obstacles on mankind's way to self-reliance, for the Aeschylean Prometheus there is no such problem with hope, for there is no question of humans aspiring to such autarchy.
By invoking Gunther - who is notable for introducing the idea of the individual's existence as the object of poetry well before the advent of Goethe's Erlebnislyrik - Jacobs seems to emphasize not only the obvious live-for-the-day spirit that informs his poems, but also the less-apparent idea that originary moments (the Goethean Augenblick) are hard to come by, but not impossible.
The Goethean Concept of World Literature and Comparative Literature.
Here, in their Goethean worldliness, further echoes of Schelling can be heard regarding Elytis's duly dispassionate argument for the philosophy of construction, with its nature shaped by individuals surpassing the nonidentity of conformism and solipsistic relativism.
Pat Steir's new paintings, exhibited under the Goethean title "Elective Affinities," continue to rehearse the abstractly generated waterfall imagery that has preoccupied her for the last several years.
11) And what makes these two tendencies truly dynamic in a Goethean (rather than Hegelian) sense is that they themselves can be exchanged: just as matter and spirit can never "exist and be effective" ("existiert und wirksam sein") without each other, so matter too, according to Goethe, increases in intensity and spirit engages in separations and joinings.
Or Hegel's later methodology of pure thinking set forth in The Science of Logic may not fit into Forster's Goethean framework without remainder.
Although the very first painting that visitors encountered was a portrait of Goethe (by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein), the show in fact contradicted the Goethean attachment to concrete form as a bulwark against the reductive influence of the Idea.
Philosophies new to the field (at the time) that were introduced included: Goethean phenomenological approach to environmental education based on the ideas of the German nature philosopher, Johann von Goethe (as well as Nietzsche and Heidegger) (Hoffman, 1994); a constructivist and holistic approach to teaching, termed "environmentalism/ green education" for which a set of characteristics are proposed, including a process of learning that engages students in debating values (Dyer, 1997); and the reframing of biocentric and anthropocentric worldviews as representing a continuum rather than a dichotomy (Dyer & Gunnell, 1993).
Goethean organicism thus is not a concept merely imputed to "objects out there.
Such a Goethean ideal--what Montherlant called "syncretism and alternance" (syncretisme et alternance) (Aux Fontaines du desir 32)--not only accounts for the seemingly irreconcilable perspectives that Montherlant held on sport but also rationalizes the importance that he placed on aesthetics.
His own children lived in a world which consisted of a strange mixture of political liberalism, agnosticism, Lessing's religion of tolerance, Goethean, and even Nietzschean ideas.