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German politician in Nazi Germany who founded the Gestapo and mobilized Germany for war (1893-1946)

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Air force boss and Gestapo founder Goering wrote: "Do you agree that I take over at once total leadership of the Reich, with full freedom of action?
But so pleased with the Guelph acquisition was Goering that, according to a 1935 report in the Baltimore Sun, he personally presented the collection as a "Surprise Gift" to Hitler.
He was back in the news last week when journalists from Der Speigel reported that a Persian rug looted during the Second World War and acquired by Goering for his Reichsmarschall office had been found on the floor of chancellor Angela Merkel's office.
According to the report, the magazine said it is one of more than 600 objects that were amassed by Luftwaffe commander Goering and others during the Second World War and are still used by the government.
As they prepared to vote to outlaw the blood sport in 2001, the Tory compared them to Adolf Hitler and Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering.
Goering Management Company, LLC ("Goering Management") and its subsidiaries, Goering Financial Holding Company Partnership, L.
The police realised it was cyanide - used by Nazi madmen Hitler, Himmler and Goering to commit suicide - and evacuated the building.
What we do is payments, this is what we are good at," added Goering, by way of explaining why Lending Tools appears to have enjoyed a significant bulge of new business.
com)-- The Goering Center for Family and Private Business at the University of Cincinnati honored Tom Flottman, CEO of the Flottman Company with the 2011 Keith Baldwin Volunteer Award for his long-term service and dedication to the institution and the business community.
Stephen Dittmore and Christian Goering were also given Star Faculty Awards for outstanding all-around new faculty members.
A highly decorated drilling double rifle/shotgun combination made by Berlin Suhler Und Fahrzeugwerke (BSW) and belonging to German Field Marshal Herman Goering sold at the March 15, 2010, James Julia auction for an astounding $58,075 including buyer's premium.
7,713,893 B2; Jonathan Goering, assignor to Albany Engineered Composites, Inc.
The Australian documentary, Bloodlines, directed by Cynthia Connup, brings together Bettina Goering, the grandniece of Hermann Goering and Ruth Rich, the daughter of Holocaust survivors.
DiPalma was announced, and soon film was projected showing him in his uniform, standing guard over Hermann Goering.
The bank has also named Tim Goering to serve as South Florida president, and has hired eight client advisors.