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Additionally, the X-Ref iPhone application allows users to enter RGB or HTML values and find the closest color in the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, PANTONE Goe System or PANTONE FASHION + HOME System.
Pantone developed the Goe System to complement the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM, the most widely used color system for almost 50 years.
PANTONE GoeBridge lets creatives accurately visualize and evaluate how the more than 2,000 solid colors in the PANTONE Goe System will reproduce in CMYK on coated paper.
One of the most frequently asked questions about the Goe System is when will there be a guide to accurately compare solid Goe colors to CMYK conversions," said Richard Herbert, executive vice president and general manager of Pantone.
With the PANTONE Goe System, PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM and HKS libraries now available as an integral part of InkFormulation software, users can access, specify or match any of the libraries' colors at the click of a button without having to match them manually.
Presented in fan-guide format, the PANTONE GoeGuide uncoated, printed on premium 80# text weight uncoated stock, is the primary tool for selecting and communicating the 2,058 PANTONE Goe System Colors.
By offering the GoeGuide and GoeSticks on uncoated stock, we continue to respond to our customer's requests and support the Goe System with new products.
The PANTONE Goe System is the company's first completely new color system since its founding more than 45 years ago.
By incorporating the Goe System standard into our offerings, we're making sure that our digital production color customers are able to consistently and easily produce vibrant and accurate color on their presses.
With 2,058 new PANTONE Colors, the PANTONE Goe System is designed to inspire creativity and fulfill the requirements of a fast-changing, technologically advancing industry.
The PANTONE Goe System works in concert with the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM to empower everyone in the creative and production process with a simpler, more complete, user-friendly workflow from the moment of inspiration to the realization of a finished project.
the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today announced the availability of the PANTONE Goe System (see separate release) with support from major industry technology providers.
The PANTONE Goe System includes 2,058 new PANTONE Colors and is designed to inspire creativity and fulfill the requirements of a fast-changing, technologically advancing industry.
the PANTONE Goe System offers graphic designers, printers, publishers, packagers and pre-press providers advanced color accuracy for over 2,000 new PANTONE Colors.
For over 45 years Pantone has been at the forefront of color for graphic arts and the introduction of the PANTONE Goe System represents an important milestone.