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czar of Russia (1551-1605)

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GODUNOV, Problem of the dichotomy of the spectrum of a matrix, Siberian Math.
They were together 20 years before they finally got married - soon after she ended her affair with Alexander Godunov - but later she was diagnosed with cancer and died 18 months after they wed," Pilato added.
Another spectator politely tapped her on her shoulder to inform her that the male dancer who was just on stage was not in fact Alexander Godunov.
He loved Godunov because it allowed him free rein with his acting ability; when he sang it you really felt it was Boris.
The Church's ability to play a central role in the process of legitimation was a function of two factors: the structural position of the Church in the hierarchy of the Orthodox church-state that Muscovy had become, and the accession of Boris Godunov to the throne, a development that contradicted the principle of heredity that had formerly governed the succession and thereby created a need for a new notion of legitimation.
With the tragicall ends of two Emperors, and one Empresse, within one Moneth during his being there (London, 1605) in which the fall of the Tsar, Boris Godunov, is compared to Hamlet, only to repeat her claim about the modern refusal of history.
9-10 with Das Rheingold and continue with Boris Godunov (Oct.
QI enjoyed seeing the exballet star Alexander Godunov in Die Hard and I wondered how long ago it was that he defected?
This was followed by a Russian music concert series: the opera Boris Godunov at the Paris Opera and then, in 1909, the triumphant arrival of the Ballets Russes, featuring dancers from St.
Tsars and pretenders; Boris Godunov and Russia's time of troubles.
In his 1957/58 season, which was his last, his productions included Boris Godunov.
There are letters from Ivan the Terrible, John Hawkins, Drake, Henri IV and Boris Godunov.
In a mythic rise, she was plucked from the corps for the 1980 season opening night to dance opposite recently defected Russian Alexander Godunov in a pas de deux from Le Corsaire.
The burning question of whether Shakespeare influenced Pushkin's Boris Godunov is not going to be resolved by pointing out that the False Pretender Dimitry; threatened with exposure, assumes "the self-assertive role of Angelo in Measure for Measure" (38).
Karamzin's reading of Shakespeare and his version of Julius Caesar is of interest chiefly for their influence on Alexander Pushkin and particularly the master Russian play, Boris Godunov.