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a successful journey

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Ranbeer Hora - Founder & MD, GodSpeed Games, stated, "We are very excited to participate in these elite events, this year we are exhibiting our services at Game Connection.
Georges, the Algonquin elder who had previously welcomed Joint Assembly delegates and visitors to her First Nation's traditional territory, bade them Godspeed in their journey home.
has the same ambient, spaced-out sound you expect from the band Godspeed You
Residents GUY SMILEY, KARL GOODO and JONNY GODSPEED will also be providing tunes.
A MILLION SUNS provides Book 2 in the ACROSS THE UNIVERSE trilogy and tells of an adolescent's search for the truth about her home, the spaceship Godspeed.
He leaves a series of clues, leading her to discover a major life-changing secret for those aboard Godspeed.
Godspeed to you and may you get back to the job you so obviously love very soon.
Micheal Koch lauded the setting up of the office of the PGBF and wished the endeavour Godspeed.
Right, now that summer's arrived, I hope you all enjoy a terrific weekend, and until next week, Godspeed.
Amy and her parents have been frozen, bound for another planet on board Godspeed.
The likes of Crazy Horse, Godspeed Hellbound and War Of Heaven could be Sabbath tributes, the latter opening with a nod to Metallica.
Congrats and godspeed, Chioms, may the peach tank top of life always hang from your shoulders.
Mike Leinbach, the launch director, said: "On behalf of all the manufacturing, processing and flight launch teams who worked on Atlantis since March of 1980, we wish you good luck and godspeed have a little fun up there.
Good luck and Godspeed," launch director Pete Nickolenko radioed to the Discovery crew shortly before liftoff.
We wish you good luck, Godspeed, and we'll see you back here just after Thanksgiving," launch director Mike Leinbach told shuttle commander Charles Hobaugh right before lift-off.