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according to legend she rode naked through Coventry in order to persuade her husband not to tax the townspeople so heavily


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We know how popular Godiva is in Coventry and how much love and support people have for the event, not to mention all of the economic benefits it brings to Coventry in terms of tourism and thousands of extra visits to the city.
Murat Ulker, Chairman of Godiva, said: "I am delighted to announce the appointment of Annie Young-Scrivner as CEO of Godiva.
Godiva Chef Chocolatier, Jean Apostoulou, says, "We created this collection with the spirit of a master mixologist in mind; inventing an array of vibrant flavours to blend with the origin Mexican cocoa beans.
Lady Godiva will also have gold hand-painted decorations on a flared skirt and trailing sleeves and a corset decorated with mirrored flowers when she appears in Coventry city centre in July 2012.
The project is the brainchild of Coventry-based Imagineer Productions, in honour of Godiva representing "a potent symbol of equality, fair play and justice.
Godiva will play an important role in prestigious treats market," he said.
To prevent this or any other foreign body contamination from entering the moulding process, Godiva have relied upon two large sieving units installed just before the chocolate depositors, which is the last stage of the process before chocolate is poured into the moulds.
model of the Eiffel Tower constructed from more than 10,000 wooden Godiva ice cream sticks and hundreds of Godiva pints in New York City's Union Square Park on June 9th.
At the time, Campbell indicated that Godiva did not fit with its strategic focus on simple meals, baked snacks, and vegetable-based beverages.
He is supposed to peep out briefly as Lady Godiva passes and then disappears.
Godiva management said safety of workers could not be taken under guarantee and production could not be maintained due to violent protests of workers, supported by union representatives.
The cast even includes Christine Hamilton, but not, thankfully, as Lady Godiva.
Godiva Chocolatier introduces the next generation of premium chocolate with an all new line of delectable, signature creations; Platinum Collection.
Thousands of Products Available from Major Name-Brand Retailers, Including FTD Flowers and Godiva Chocolatier
THE Godiva Classic celebrated its fifth anniversary with a string of high-class performances.