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But we are not without hope, because the God who created us in the divine image loves us and wants us to be the best reflection of the Godhead that we can be.
Claire Toogood, representing Dr Islam, said there was "nothing to suggest" that Mr Godhead was suffering from anything other than piles when he visited Dr Islam.
Such Pneumatology, which accords the Spirit a particular hypostatic identity and represents him as a person constitutive of the Godhead and as a particular hypostasis, equally influential on and consubstantial with the Father and the Son, will correct the two deficient views of the Trinity that are prevalent in contemporary theology but with deep roots in ancient theologies, both Greek (prior to the fourth century) and Latin.
Conversely, the Fall, central to the Judaeo-Christian myth, generated a potentially lethal distance between the godhead and humans.
He was described as the personality of godhead - Maryadapurshottam - representing the supreme extent of righteousness.
The Newport four-piece, pictured above, have left such influential music figures as indie radio godhead Steve Lamacq starry-eyed at their thrilling amalgam of post-punk cool and street-smart suss.
Gathering attention from Radio 1 and 6 Music, indie radio godhead Steve Lamcq has recently dubbed them his new favourite band, while their new single Teenage Sky will ensure the sizeable buzz surrounding the Newport outfit will only gets bigger.
the 4th-century trinitarian theologian and archbishop of Constantinople, the concept of perichoresis holds that the three elements of the triune godhead are not isolated from each other but exist in a state of mutual interpenetration.
c) The members of the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are equal in stature.
Margery Kempe's marriage to the Godhead is significant for a number of reasons.
As long as Kindness, The Pure, still stays with his heart, man Not unhappily measures himself Against the godhead.
The Holy Trinity is a concept in Roman Catholic, Oriental, Eastern Orthodox, and some Protestant churches and refers to three separate entities in one Godhead.
2) This original context of 'Amagansett' in the Godhead chapbook also, of course, powerfully affects the interpretation of it, as we shall see, but I also consider it in its own right, removed from that context, as indeed it appears in Selected Poems.
Installed on the back wall of Cooper's cavernous space, whose floors were covered with white panels that recorded visitors' tracks, the picture turned the white cube into a shrine and its founder into a godhead.
The haven't paid attention but what they don't realise is how in a sense these represent for the artist an act of humility, an act of effectively evoking the godhead without representing the godhead and in that sense they are integral to the composition.