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United States mathematician (born in Austria) who is remembered principally for demonstrating the limitations of axiomatic systems (1906-1978)


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We suggest here to stick to the Godel model which we consider as the true Universe, and we state that the Hubble expansion can yet be maintained in a particular location with specific coordinates transformations, where the Godel rotation is unobservable.
Godel also constructed a dubious proof of the existence of God but did not publish it.
The trade delegation's visit certainly boosts the bilateral trade ties between Saudi Arabia and the Federal State of Baden Wuerttemberg," Benjamin Godel, deputy delegate for German economy in Saudi Arabia, told Arab News.
The author's vast reading is both an advantage and a liability in such a work, for he ranges so widely that his thesis is sometimes left far behind as he digresses on his critique of the "history and philosophy of science crowd," Phillip Johnson's critique of evolution, the philosophy of Richard Rorty, energy and the environment, mathematician Kurt Godel, eugenics, socialism, the Luddites, Richard Dawkins, clarity and warrant, freeing the oppressed, the Babylonians, DNA, nineteenth-century historian Thomas Babington Macaulay, sociobiology, and Margaret Thatcher, among a plethora of other widely diverse topics.
malware also contains another encrypted module, called GODEL, that will only
Other components bear the names of famous mathematicians as well, including Joseph-Louis Lagrange and Kurt Godel.
Member of the European Parliament Godel Kvisthudt Rovol said that the parliament voted for allocation of macro-financial assistance to Kyrgyzstan last week.
If you are still here, then first there is a little test: Jomini, Sun Tzu, von Moltke, Clausewitz, Napoleon, Frederick the Great, Boyd, Gell-Mann, Chomsky, Godel, Mandelbrot, von Neumann, Lorenz, Schrodinger, and Shannon.
Jennifer Godel was promoted to vice president, human resources, training and development and quality.
99 A FASCINATING piece of fiction deals with two giants of 20th century science: Kurt Godel, a great logician, and Alan Turing, the breaker of the Enigma code.
As Douglas Hofstader notes in Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid, Escher's artwork exhibits the quality of recursion or self-reflexiveness, which, of course, is Korzybski's third non-Aristotelian principle.
A friend of his, Kurt Godel, was the first to prove that there is a solution to Einstein's equations which shows it is possible.
However, Kurt Godel showed in 1931 that, given any finite set of rules for doing mathematics, there will always be some mathematical statements that can neither be proved nor disproved by using these rules.
Douglas Hofstadter's classic (non-fiction) Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (1979) explores recursion and other aspects of mathematics in music, logic and art, circling recursively around Kurt Godel, Maurits Escher, and Johann Sebastian Bach--and, most appropriately, Lewis Carroll (the pen-name for a major nineteenth century mathematician).
The story is based on the tortured lives of Alan Turing, famous for breaking the German Enigma code during the Second World War, and Kurt Godel, the greatest logician and mathematician of his time.