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The figure of the Goddess Concordia in Paragraph 13, for instance, is said to be
Fortuna, to whom Barabas gives himself over in his mercantile adventures and in his person, is a dangerous goddess who eventually throws him down from her wheel symbolically--and literally at the end into a cauldron that echoes a common accoutrement in depictions of Hellmouth in Doomsday illustrations.
On Sonesta's exclusive Goddess Fleet of Nile cruisers there are big discounts on offer for those who book well in advance.
And syns that tyme, my vycar hath full lyke a christen man, Taught mee to treade in goddes hygh waie, and kepe it as I can.
The description and simile aligns her with the Moon Goddess.
123) In Hippolytus's own account of his dismembering in Golding's translation of Ovid's Metamorphoses, the Goddess Cynthia, one of Elizabeth's court personae, had played a salvational role.
In a major departure from his source, however, Usk portrays his narrator as an unrequited lover whose extended dialogue with the goddess of love serves to disabuse him of his delusions about love.
For wee thinke it conveniente that every countreye should use such ceremonies, as thei shal thynke beste to the settyng foorth of goddes honor, and glorye" (Ratcliff, ed.
Molko even introduced one of his guitars as Goddes, and the sounds he managed to wring from it were divine, although his voice was occasionally drowned out by the accompaniment.
So ere they bee, although on earth of Goddes they beare the name)
I suggested earlier that the Host's interruption places Chaucer the pilgrim in the position of a victim, its significance marked subtly with his oath "by Goddes sweete pyne" (936).
Mumford's pseudo-archaeological stadial vocabulary for phases of human development and mechanization was borrowed from Patrick Goddes, but added an 'eotechnic' to the 'paleotechnic' and 'neotechnic' phases (1934: 109-51).
64-66) as a result of his attempt to "In goddes name play the frere" (l.
But every man shall, by / God's command, give a reckoning to me], 99-101), an implication eliminated by the Everyman adapter in favor of a clear determination of Death's role as a summoner, with references to his authority to arrest: "I am Dethe that no man dredeth--/ For euery man I reste--and no man spareth; / For it is Goddes commaundement / That all to me sholde be obedyent" (115-18).