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Should, God forbid, I ever need a quick visit to a casualty unit the last thing I want is to be seen by some just-graduated junior doc high on a mixture of coffee with no sleep for two days misdiagnosing me as heavily pregnant.
This year's second-stage headliners, Slipknot, will also be joined by God Forbid, Bleeding Through, Atreyu, Every Time I Die and Unearth.
But we would kick ourselves if possibly, God forbid, we were beaten and Villa were beaten and it was an opportunity missed.
God forbid if one of them splits their outfit on live TV.
Not only could the suicide rate go up, but there could be, God forbid, another Dunblane/Hungerford.
God forbid any of their families find themselves caught in a burning building.
If God forbid, they should hurt the soldier, our operations will be far, far worse," Ramon told Channel 2 television.
God Forbid (Barfly, Seel Street, 0151 707 6171) today, 7pm.
God forbid we start a bandwagon that ends in another ill-considered union.
More likely, do we sometimes make it clear, publicly or privately, that we don't want "that kind of person" living in our neighborhood or, God forbid, living next door?
Yet God forbid that the results of a humanist interpretation of Post-Modernity should all look like Pesce -- there are many other potential approaches.
But now she's slimmer Barrymore is reaping the rewards and said: "I was always thinking you can't wear strapless and you can't wear knee-length or, God forbid, a mini.
Or, God forbid, pubs with notices saying: "Honest, our beef and onion crisps don't have bits of cow in them.
IF, God forbid, my daughter was to be murdered, there is not enough money in the world that could compensate me for such a dreadful loss.
If, God forbid, one of Tony Blair's family were to get MS, they'd be on the first plane to Schipol airport