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May God Almighty bless all and continue to guide us all aright.
Huge crowds gathered in the Temple to seek Blessings from God Almighty on this auspicious day, and prayed for a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Year ahead.
He also prayed to God Almighty to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and give courage and fortitude and soothed with kind words to the bereaved family.
Amidst the challenges our nation faced over the past year, we are grateful for all the tremendous opportunities that God Almighty has bestowed on the Filipino people,' Villanueva said in a Christmas greeting on Sunday.
All humans are the blessed creatures of God Almighty, All brains are gifts from God, All natures of humans should reflect The Kind and Modest Behavior like God Almighty, the most Beneficent and The most Merciful, when Allah Almighty and His Profit (P.
KUWAIT, Oct 24 (KUNA) -- His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah has affirmed Tuesday that the commitment to the constitution in Kuwait is stable and belief in parliamentary work is firmly established, saying "I am the one who protects the constitution and will not allow it to be prejudiced," because it is the basic guarantee after God Almighty.
I express my strong condemnation of these groups that are trying to destabilize Egypt and pray God Almighty to protect you, support you in your war against them, and spare Egypt any harm.
Can run nowhere else, be out of breath, So terrified the mind is in such a whirl, Just nature's blessings around them curled, When to God Almighty they do go, He, all the bad things on earth to know, So cruel are the ways of the fox and hound, Those who practise it, by God will be found, The last word will have its own say, With their own conscience they will pay, Just for sport to do this deed, For it, really there is no need, The fox takes the brunt of this cruel sport, One day they may be in such an entanglement caught, For what goes around, comes around it is said, Our own destiny by us is led, So all will come out in one way or another, God help us in things that are there to uncover, Justice is not a thing of the past, It is in our lives and of others cast.
The centre said it added its voice to the pontifical council in its Ramadan message, congratulating Muslims on the start of the blessed month and wishing the fasting believers happiness and reassurance, and the fruit of the spirit and love for God Almighty and humanity as a whole.
To world Imam Hussain is tower of facing despotism and highlighting democracy and rule of law as ordained by God Almighty through His prophets and Holy Quran.
Maryam Nawaz, daughter of the Prime Minister, tweeted about the happening whilst thanking God Almighty over the quick recovery of the PM.
As one of his managers observed, "I believe God Almighty hisself would have trouble handling Richie Allen.
In his message, the Speaker said that Prophet Jesus Christ was ordained by God Almighty Allah preach love, peace, tolerance and brotherhood.
The Head of State voiced total solidarity of Tunisia with Saudi Arabia, in this painful ordeal, praying God Almighty to protect this country, its leaders and its people.
Andrew Burns, 24, first changed his name to Obi Wan Kenobi, then God Almighty, then Mighty Almighty.