God's acre

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the yard associated with a church


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Caption: A candlelight vigil is held annually at God's Acre Veterans' Cemetery, CFB Esquimalt's military cemetery.
The churchyard has become part of the God's Acre - Yorkshire's Living Churchyards project.
The manual suggests occasional community or sponsored evenings to make floodlighting more of a special occasion and calls for a revival of the God's Acre tradition of churchyard management, using more of the land to provide havens for wildlife and plants.
They include the two visited Friday -- Kettle Brook Conservation Area and Parson's Cider Mill Conservation Area; as well as Cascade Park and Conservation Area, Perkins Farm Conservation Area, the Blackstone River Bikeway, Green Hill Park, Cristoforo Colombo Park (and the East Side Trail that connects Green Hill Park and Cristoforo Colombo Park), God's Acre Conservation Area, Bovenzi Park, Crow Hill Conservation Area, Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Tetasset Hills Trail.
Mae nifer o fanteision i'r bladur, fel yr eglurodd Andrea Gilpin o'r elusen gadwraethol Caring For God's Acre.
The quiet serenity of Byrd and Tallis was broken only by high-pitched screams and laughter from somewhere on God's Acre.