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the spiritual domain over which God is sovereign

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Symbolic of a round, sweet year and the crown of God's kingdom, this heavenly cake has a garland of caramelized apple slices around the top.
This subversive Jesus insists his followers not only create a new frame of mind to experience God working in their lives, he insists they also recognize that God's kingdom doesn't automatically annihilate all other kingdoms.
Three themes resonate through the essays: First, announcing God's kingdom with credibility requires a church that breaks down barriers by living and working with the poor.
As we remember, so let us live God's Kingdom today.
As we approach Holy Week, we celebrate and affirm these principles of God's kingdom in which the least are the greatest, weakness is strength, and death brings life to all.
Our taking from the cup has something to do with the covenant Jesus made with Yahweh, a covenant that included the hesed that enabled him to reveal God's kingdom around us.
7) These tearings, through which the holy of holies is revealed and the boundary between the earthly kingdom and God's kingdom is ruptured, lead us to the transfiguration.
We look forward to a time when wars are no more, Swords beaten into ploughshares, peace shore to shore, All people in our world living together peaceably, And no hurt in God's kingdom of peace will we see.
Although undocumented immigration is "illegal," Christians should be guided by a higher set of laws as citizens of God's kingdom.
Called by Christ, and inspired by God's spirit to embody and proclaim the good news of God's kingdom, we have something even more worth fighting for.
Speaking about the importance of her faith, she said: "We believe God's Kingdom was set up in heaven in 1914, so we are now celebrating 100 years of Kingdom rule.
Perhaps one of the most provocative headlines was a claim that the missionaries were in Malatya to "expand God's kingdom.
Therefore those who design and plan public worship must keep in mind that the telos of this weekly activity is mission, and so "the Story that is enacted in the drama of worship" (153) should be presented in such a way that the participants feel both required and empowered to transform the world in the image of God's kingdom.
From piety to politics" reminds us that our baptismal calling is to be God's witnesses and servants in participating in the building of God's kingdom of justice and peace.
The Church as agent of God's Kingdom should be growing - growing in our love for God, his world, his people.