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the omniscience of a divine being

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In his eulogy at the God's Wisdom church in Strovolos, Interior minister Sokratis Hasikos said the soldiers fell victim to circumstances created by others, specifically referring to the Greek junta-inspired coup that overthrew Archbishop Makarios' government.
Let us pray that we will let go of our horizons, and open ourselves to God's wisdom and love that is far deeper and wider
But as Paul reminded the Corinthian church, the key to that life was hidden away in God's wisdom until Jesus arrived and unlocked it.
Crowds flocked from early Monday morning to the Holy Church of God's Wisdom in Nicosia to pay tribute to former Cyprus President Glafcos Clerides, who lies in state from 0900 to 1700 local time (0700 0 1500 GMT).
The icon expresses this correlation since it is a particular proto-image of God's Wisdom revealed to the artist, who in turn depicts this mental image in matter (43).
Encounters with Heaven" takes notes and insights for many situations where a bit of the taste of God's wisdom will make all of the difference in the world.
Kling examines the text of the prologue to the Gospel of John for its deep resonances with the Wisdom tradition in the Old Testament, tracing how Wisdom/Sophia in the disguise of Word/Logos might have become associated with Jesus, who is God's Wisdom made flesh.
Malebranche references God's wisdom in choosing the natural laws.
This is evident and repeatedly stressed in the narration of the events as well as in the Prophet's remarks, and it is also clear that to some of the Muslims it seemed counter-intuitive; they did not understand how this could be a good thing but ultimately trusted in God's wisdom.
The format works well, giving Henderson's central idea -- that we can live according to God's wisdom in a way that is both practical and deeply meaningful -- a structure that will benefit many who crave a lucid, well-articulated plan.
Beiber encourages readers to find their inspiration and path in their lives through the principles of being open to God's wisdom and love, truly seeing his intent, and following through with the path that both you and God want.
Yet, you always heeded to the call of the Church to remain calm and listen to God's wisdom and guidance rather than to your emotions.
This claim for God's wisdom refuses the notion that the world is a tale told by an idiot or that the world depends upon our meaning-making.
At that point, the reader might be aware of the name Sofia as a derivative of Sophia, a mythical personification of God's wisdom, to cite one interpretation, and the reader is led to ponder the reliability of the narrator.
The wording of God's wisdom through individual inscapes is