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the omniscience of a divine being

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Yet, you always heeded to the call of the Church to remain calm and listen to God's wisdom and guidance rather than to your emotions.
This claim for God's wisdom refuses the notion that the world is a tale told by an idiot or that the world depends upon our meaning-making.
At that point, the reader might be aware of the name Sofia as a derivative of Sophia, a mythical personification of God's wisdom, to cite one interpretation, and the reader is led to ponder the reliability of the narrator.
The wording of God's wisdom through individual inscapes is
If Divine goodness and love are universal, we should expect God's wisdom to guide us to harmony, beauty and peace and to keep us safe.
Then, in due time, also by means of the Son or God's wisdom, new oracles were added through the prophets.
Church Women United - "World Community Day - God's Wisdom Sets Us Free" is the theme of the program to begin at 9:15 a.
It can penetrate the kingdom of darkness and illuminate it but it is inadequate to comprehend God's wisdom, as we shall see in the following Parts II and III.
On the other hand, the book takes the reader back in time to the beautiful days of early Islam, and gives him a chance to contemplate the noble morals and deep faith that people had in God's wisdom, reminding them of the glorious feats of many Muslim heroes who diffused peace and justice among people and became legends by merit.
Arnauld's objections to Malebranche are directed not only at the claim that God's wisdom is transparent to human reason, but at the whole distinction between will and wisdom in God, even if that wisdom were "hidden.
But we do believe God hears our prayers and responds to them in God's wisdom, which is always for our good.
The theme of the service was God's Wisdom Provides New Understanding and was prepared by the Christian Women of Guyana.
If we view the Bible as a divinely inspired expression of God's wisdom, we can gain a great deal from it.
We should never take these natural areas for granted, but rather we should seek God's wisdom whenever we develop around these areas (see Ezek.
Relying on limited human reason alone they abandoned the power of God's wisdom in a crucified Saviour.