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the omnipotence of a divine being

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Much more difficult than these texts, however, is the ethical conundrum that God's will seems contrary to the moral values that guide our earthly decisions.
When a man's conscience tells him that a thing is right, which is in fact what God wills, his conscience is true and its judgment correct; when a man's conscience tells him a thing is right which is, in fact, contrary to God's will, his conscience is false and telling him a lie.
It denies social purpose, and consequently also denies God's will in marriage and family.
12) Thus the task of the state is to assist believers in discerning and doing God's will by the simple expedient of getting out of the way.
They believe that whatever suffering they endure is God's will and is merited for their sins.
He dissociates God's will from any form of violence and identifies it with the work of compassion and justice.
In extrinsic willing, on the other hand, God's will is efficacious of what God wills, as in the very creating of all things.
It denies social purpose and consequently also denies God's will in marriage and family.
As William Temple said, we are tempted to pray that God's will be done, but then go on to tell God what his will should be.
This chapter covers familiar ground, including the question of whether God's will could transform some great evil into a good and whether God's nature prevents this from occurring.
also charges that to deduce a political theory from a theology of God's will is "a kind of imaginary extrapolation" (197).
Unlike Descartes, who included in this doctrine truths concerning God, for instance, that creation is dependent upon God's will, Desgabets distinguished truths that concern God himself from those that concern his creation.
The resurrection is the sign of hope in the midst of a raging battle that God ultimately will have God's will done.